AA grade spandex yarn

- Aug 31, 2020-

Spandex Yarn

It is commonly referred to as spandex yarn, which was first produced in the 1950s by the German textile manufacturer Bayer Fibers. In some parts of the world, the name Lycra has become a common name for elastomere sp andx yarns. It is the main material used for the production of knitting fabrics in single knitting machines. 

Novak et al. reported that swimwear materials represent a growing percentage of the additional groups excluded from control clothing. The garment factories used elastane yarns with an average thickness of 1.5 mm and an average length of 2 mm. 

The aim of the research was to investigate the cause of the elastane break in the woven garments during production, to find a solution and to analyse the effects on the fabric used for production. For this research, we used woven cotton garments and sp-Andex fabrics to perform the required experiments as described in Table 1. 

The high pressure of the air also twists the strands, and the resulting yarns form a variety of different sizes that fill the gaps between the fibers of the fabric and other parts of its structure. This means that Lycra yarns increase the strength of the fabric due to the high compactness of their structure, which resists bursting forces. You can see that the fabrics in your hand - LyCra fabric is lower than 100% cotton due to the low flexural stiffness of Ly Crayon filaments. 

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Almetwally et al report that spandex from DuPont is known under its trade name Lycra. The LyCra brand is a registered trademark of DuPont Corporation and the sp andx brand of AlmetWally Company, a subsidiary of Du Pont. 

Lycra yarn is a filament wrapped around other skin - friendly fibers, and spandex yarn produces filament yarn, which means that each fiber is made from 100% cotton and 10% fiber, or a combination of both. There is evidence that LycRA yarns made of cotton have a higher elongation percentage, while 100 percent cotton yarns do not, which helps knit fabrics to be more elastic. 

1120D spandex yarn

This property gives spandex the ability to allow for easy wear and stretch, while cotton is not able to snap back, as is the case in sp andex. Under harsh conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity or cold weather, fine chipboard yarns with limited elasticity can tear. Provided that the SpandEx yarn is stored correctly, it can knit without defects. Gokarneshan Thangamani [9] wears a wide variety of cotton - spansex - polyester - and -EX blends knitted with a range of fabrics, from wool to cotton to wool and from cotton and polyester to spanderex. 

It has been shown that the elasticity increases with the length of the loop and that the finer the yarn and fabric, the more elasticity (yarns and fabrics, of course) is, since the elastane content is higher. It was also found that SCCS - knitting fabrics absorb water drops better than cotton - envelops surfaces, such as a cotton cloth. 

When spandex is stretched over a stain board, the yarns are more likely to snap. If inferior or 2nd quality sp andx yarn is knitted with 100% filament yarn, there is a greater chance that naked stripes will appear on the fabric. 

Often the yarn causes the fibres to protrude from the fabric and look like lint. The presence of Lycra in a single jersey helps to recover the fabric by reducing its width, porosity and elongation. By inserting LyCra yarn into the fabrics, it holds the loops together, but the openness decreases the higher the percentage. This is negligible, however, because a tissue becomes less open and openness decreases due to an increased percentage of loops.

Although the high elasticity of Lycra is compared to cotton, the recovery rate of 100% cotton is lower than of fabrics without Lycra. The same applies to small loads, but the higher the load, the greater the percentage of loops. 

If the elastomeric spandex fibre is not stored correctly, the yarn performance may deteriorate. There is also a risk that the SP-Andex yarn will shrink if the garment has been cleaned beforehand. This risk should be explained to the customer and not overestimated, even for previously cleaned garments.

Below average or 2nd quality spandex yarn can still be used in a knitting machine, but only if it is used for covering. It is strongly recommended to use downgraded yarns, such as yarns spun, mixed with cotton, spun with polyester or spun from viscose. This helps when the cover machine runs at a slower speed, when using inferior (or "2nd quality") sp andx yarn for covering, as it makes the yarn spin faster. 

spandex yarn for covering