Cardigan anti-pilling finishing method and process

- Apr 02, 2019-

Cardigan is a molded product. It has certain difficulties in using singeing or shearing to prevent pilling. The anti-pilling finishing methods commonly used today mainly include mild fluffing and resin finishing. The resin finishing method works better.

Shrinkproof finishing

Scales are a major feature of wool fibers, which give wool fibers a fluffy property, so the essence of shrink-proof finishing is to treat the scales so that it weakens or loses the directional friction effect. It mainly uses chemicals and scales to damage and soften the scales; or it uses the resin to spread evenly on the surface of the fibers to form a film. Therefore, the effect of the scales is effectively limited, so that the wool fibers lose the fluffing property and achieve the purpose of preventing shrinkage.

Flood control

In the storage process of woolen sweaters, insects often occur. The mites can not survive on the fabric, and the purpose of smashing prevention can be achieved. This is the task of tamping finishing. The auxiliaries used in anti-mite finishing should be high-efficiency and low-toxic, have no side effects on the human body, do not affect the color and dyeing fastness of the fabric, do not damage the wooliness and strength of the wool fiber, and have the characteristics of washing, drying and durability. Commonly used anti-mite finishing methods include wool chemical modification method and anti-caries agent finishing method.