Different washing methods for sweaters

- Feb 27, 2019-

Hand wash

Mix warm water with some mild laundry detergent. You can also use a special wool cleaning solution, but remember to read the laundry label first. 2. Immerse the clothes in water and let it soak for about 5 minutes. 3. Carefully rinse the clothes with warm water. 4. After rinsing, squeeze out as much water as possible from the clothes, remember not to twist or wring the clothes. 5. Wrap the clothing in a towel and gently squeeze or wring it out. Don't fold it, spread it on a new towel and put it in a cool place to let it dry naturally. Remember: Never put wool clothing in a dryer or tumble dryer.

Machine wash

Sometimes you can wash the beautiful slave clothes with a washing machine (be sure to read the laundry label first!). In general, it is recommended that you only wash your hat, scarf and gloves. Just to be on the safe side - you won't lose too much money, and it's much easier to buy a scarf again than to buy one of your favorite thick knit sweaters. Always remember that these clothes “machine washable” simply mean that you can use the washing machine, but there is always a certain risk. Remember to use a gentle laundry program or a sweater program (depending on your washing machine) because the normal laundry program will shrink the clothes. Choose the right temperature, usually 30 degrees, and some washing machines have a yarn ball mark next to "30 degrees". Choose a mild laundry soap designed specifically for this purpose and choose a neutral, rather than high pH laundry soap.

Dry cleaning

If you don't want to be so troublesome, sweaters washing is often done by dry cleaning. You can send your beautiful slave to the dry cleaner. Most beautiful slave wool clothes can be dry cleaned. But you should still be careful, because the frequent use of irritating chemicals can damage the fabric. Never put your lambskin sweater in the washing machine, even if you use a laundry program specifically for wool. Never put it in the dryer.

Dry cleaning is a decontamination method that removes oil-soluble stains in a rotary type washing machine using a petroleum solvent and a water-insoluble oily volatile organic solvent such as perchloroethylene. This method is widely adapted, and the sweater is small in deformation and does not bleed, but requires certain equipment to perform. If the sweater fabric is dry cleanable, there should be a dry cleaning label on the washing label.

Cardigan wash does not shrink the recipe

The water temperature is preferably around 35 degrees. It should be gently squeezed by hand when washing. Do not rub, twist or twist with your hands. Never use a washing machine to wash.

Always use a neutral detergent. When used, the ratio of water to detergent is 100:3.

When rinsing, slowly add cold water, gradually lower the water temperature to room temperature, and then rinse off.

After washing, press the hand first, press out the water, then wrap it with a dry cloth, or use a centrifugal force dehydrator. Note that the sweater must be wrapped in a cloth before it can be placed in the dehydrator; it can not be dehydrated for too long, and can only be dehydrated for up to 2 minutes.

After washing and dehydrating, the sweater should be placed in a ventilated place to spread and dry, not to hang or expose to the sun, so as to avoid deformation of the sweater.