Hot drilling method for sweater

- Mar 21, 2019-

It’s a bit annoying to wear a sweater for a long time, especially some solid color bottoming shirts. I saw a lot of woolen sweaters in the mall popular with bright diamonds. Do you have the same idea, because the sweater with the bright diamond decoration is not only beautiful, but it can be worn even if it is a bottoming shirt. Is this hot drilling process troublesome? Xiaobian boldly tells you that the steps are as simple as a few tens of seconds. If you don't believe us to look down together.

Tools/raw materials

Cardigan, cashmere sweater, high temperature hot drilling machine, or electric iron, bright diamond, point drill pen, etc.

Step / method

First of all, we introduce a hot drilling machine made with a high temperature hot drilling machine. Choose a drill that will give the clothes a hot one and determine the position.

Put the sweater on the ironing board and flatten it. Then put the transparent side of the selected hot diamond on the sweater and choose the position. Apply the entire transparent paper to the sweater with your hand.

After the above steps are completed, the ironing board can be pressed down, and the sweater can not be loosened.

The hot drilling process temperature is controlled at 160 °C. The process does not take too long for 20 seconds to turn red.

After the end, open the ironing board and carefully peel off the transparent plastic paper.

Wait for it to cool naturally.

Then we introduce how to use an electric iron to burn at home. The first tool we have to prepare is bright drill, point drill pen, heat transfer paper.

First draw the shape on the heat transfer paper, and use the point drill pen to point your favorite bright diamond on the drawn lines.

Cover the transparent plastic paper with a full drill and press the bright diamond with your finger to make the bright diamond adhere to the transparent paper.

Use scissors to cut out the bright diamond pattern and tear off the original paper.

When you're done, stick the bright diamond you want to the position you want to paste.

After the position is fixed, place the electric iron on the bright drill and heat it. The temperature of the electric iron is also controlled at around 160 °C. The process is ten seconds.

At the end, we peeled off the transparent paper as above and finished it after cooling.