How can jeans not wash off? What should I do if the jeans fade?

- Apr 12, 2019-


Jeans are the most likely to fade, the newly bought jeans are always bleached, other beautiful clothes are dyed, washing separately and troublesome, it is really a headache, here are a few tricks to prevent the color drop, let's take a look!

How can jeans not wash off?

1, salt water immersion method to prevent jeans from fading. This is the best way to deal with the fading problem of denim and color clothing, the effect is very strong. In order to prevent fading, the newly bought clothes should be soaked in concentrated brine for half an hour before being first launched, and then washed according to the conventional method. If there is still a slight discoloration, you can use the light salt water to soak for ten minutes before each water cleaning. If you persist in the past, the clothes will never fade. In the usual washing, if the inside can be turned out and then washed and dried, the degree of fading can be minimized. (This way can effectively solve the problem of jeans fading)

2, folded the jeans, put into the laundry bag (or use hand wash), detergent, please use the dishwashing detergent, the general washing powder in order to have a white effect of the ingredients contain a little bleach, so the jeans are easy to fade, washing dishes It is free of bleach, and in addition to the cleaning effect, it can also be greased.

3, jeans or other dyed new clothes contain a layer of glue (the taste of new clothes), soak the jeans in a basin with water before washing, then put two tablespoons of white vinegar, soak for about half an hour, so that the jeans fade It won't be so serious, it can also make the clothes soft and more stable to prevent fading. (White vinegar can prevent jeans from fading)

4, anti-drying method to prevent jeans from fading. This method is most commonly used, especially for some dark clothes. The method is very simple, that is, the clothes are dried in the air. Here you should be especially reminded that most fabrics can't be directly exposed to the sun, because ultraviolet light is the main culprit in the fading of clothes. Therefore, it is necessary not only to dry in the air, but to leave the clothes in a place where it is protected from light and ventilation.

Tips: How to solve the problem of dyeing clothes

Red ink stains: New stains are first washed with cold water, then soaked in warm soapy liquid for a while, then rinsed with water; Chen stains can be washed first with detergent, then rubbed with 10% alcohol solution to remove.

 Ink stains: Mix thoroughly with rice grains and detergent, rub it on the stains, rinse with water, or rub it with a solution of alcohol and two soaps. It also has good results. Mildew: first wipe with 2% soap alcohol solution, then with hydrogen peroxide, and then wash.

Perspiration: sweat on clothes, prolonged yellow spots, sweat stains can be soaked in 5% salt water for 1 hour, then slowly cleaned.