How do you keep your jeans colourless?

- Nov 30, 2018-

Jeans are different from other materials. It is not possible to use washing machines and dryers directly. Because the heat generated by the machine is very easy for the denim to shrink and fade, it is most effective to clean the jeans with the easiest way.

1. Jeans don’t have to be worn before they are washed

Tianwei Apparel pointed out that denim is a very dirt-resistant fabric, so we don't need to clean it every time after wearing it. When it is dirty, it can be properly cleaned. Excessive cleaning frequency will make it fade and get old.


2. Try not to use the washing machine

Casual denim custom-made cowboys are generally thicker and harder, so most of them use washing machines for cleaning, but washing machines can destroy the color and shape of denim, so hand washing is the right way.


3. Do not use dry buckets

Through the same reason of washing machine, dry bucket and dryer must not be used! Find a sunny weather, hang up the jeans and let it dry for a long time.


4. Reduce the use of cleaning agents

Although some cleaning agents will add a lock color formula, in fact, the jeans will be discolored, so when cleaning jeans, put less detergent. The best thing is to soak in water with some vinegar for an hour, not only to effectively clean the jeans, but also to prevent discoloration. Don't worry about the smell of vinegar on your trousers. When it's dry, the vinegar will evaporate and the taste will disappear.


5. Focus area cleaning

If the jeans are stained only in some places, then it is only necessary to focus on cleaning this small piece.


6. Try steam cleaning

There is another way you have never tried it! You can hang them in the bathroom while you are taking a bath. The water vapor and shower gel will slowly penetrate into the jeans, which not only has a clean effect, but also makes the smell aroma.


7. Give up hot water washing

If you really don't like to wash jeans with branded jeans with vinegar, then you must choose warm water and soak in a mild detergent for 20 minutes.