How much do you know about wool coats?

- Sep 06, 2019-

Wool jackets with a content of less than 60% can be washed by hand with laundry detergent, and more than 60% of them must be cleaned, otherwise the clothes will be deformed!

For wool jackets with a content of less than 60%, first use the dust on the clothes, or use a special sticky hair to remove the visible dust on the clothes, and then soak them with wool laundry detergent. Especially in dirty places, apply them before launching. The lotion is fully saturated, and after a few minutes, the water is less watered, gently rubbed by hand, and then the clothes are launched, and the soaking time is selected according to the degree of dirt. After washing the clothes, be sure to put a clean towel on the iron and iron the clothes, then hang in a cool, ventilated place to dry.

A wool coat with a content of more than 60% can be subjected to staged dust removal after being worn for a period of time. First pat the clothes, remove the dust from the clothes, and then remove the visible dust on the clothes with a special sticky hair.

1 storage

If the clothes are not worn in the season, clean the dust and iron it. After it is neatly tidy, first dry it in a well-ventilated place, then put some desiccant in the cabinet to keep it dry. Cover it with a dust cover.

2 wrinkle

The wool coat is ironed once a while, the steam iron is turned to a low temperature, and the white towel is placed on the clothes and then ironed. The iron should not be in direct contact with the clothing, either 2-3 cm apart or covered with a towel.

Be sure to brush gently when ironing, do not pull the clothes, if the clothes are somewhat deformed, while gently pulling the clothes, while ironing.

3 ball

After the clothes appear to be pilling, do not pull them by hand. The correct method is to gently cut the pompons with scissors after washing. After several washings, with some loose fibers falling off, The pilling of the clothes will gradually disappear.

For less pilling, use your fingers to gently pull it off or use a small pair of scissors to cut it off. Use a cloth brush to brush it with a brush. For larger pillings, you can spread the woolen sweater first. On a flat tabletop, use a brush to gently brush the dust according to the stitches of the fabric, straighten it tightly, and gently electricize it with a special electric shaver to shave the ball.

4 hair loss

In winter, thick velvet sweaters are warm, but many are easy to shed hair. What should I do?

Soak the clothes with cold water before wearing, then take out a pressed water. After not dripping into a string, put the sweater in a plastic bag, put it in the refrigerator for 3-7 days, then take out the dry, so that it will not Will lose hair!

In addition, when wearing, do not wear underwear inside, wear a jacket with a smooth lining on the outside, so that it will not lose hair!

5 decontamination

In general, the cleaning of winter clothing, we often send professional laundry dry cleaning, but when the velvet clothes touch small stains, how to deal with it urgently?

Type of stain:

Coffee or black tea, solution: Wipe off with a towel dampened with water. If you have a partner milk, wipe it with a small amount of detergent. If it has been stuck for a long time, wipe it with vinegar.

Ice cream, solution: Wash off the dry part with a small brush, then use a brush to scrub the brush (be careful not to brush the hair ball), and finally wipe the towel with water and wring it out.

Milk, solution: first gently wipe with a cloth dampened with hot water, and then rub the residual grease with a lotion. If it can't be wiped off, try alcohol. When the dirt is cleaned, you should send it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning.

Wine, perfume, solution: In order to prevent the spread, first sprinkle some salt on it, then brush it off with a soft brush, and finally wipe it with a rag with water or lotion or alcohol.

Ink, solution: After wiping with a thin paper, wipe the paper with vinegar repeatedly, or use oxalic acid.

Lipstick, foundation, solution: First wipe gently with a thin paper, then rub with a lotion. Because the lipstick will be rubbed more and more, people should carefully wipe from the outside to the inside.

Juice, solution: When it is fresh, use a cloth dampened with warm water. If it still remains stained, use a lotion to wipe it.

Blood, solution: wipe with paper and then rub with hydrogen peroxide, and stay away from blood for a long time, or wipe off.

Moldy, mud, solution: After drying, use a brush to remove it, then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the tip. Finally, it is completely removed with alcohol and lotion.