How should the sweater be properly washed?

- Feb 27, 2019-

Carefully read the washing signs on the clothes

The wool content in the clothes is different, and the washing and maintenance methods are different, some are suitable for hand washing, and some are suitable for dry cleaning. The maintenance method described in the washing of the clothes may vary depending on the type of the wool. Specially treated fabrics may also have special advantages.

Washing sweater

When washing sweaters, they should be washed with neutral detergent or neutral detergent. If you use alkaline detergent for daily laundry, it is easy to damage the wool fiber. The temperature of the washing water should be about 30 °C. If the water temperature is too high, the sweater will be fluffed again and felted. If the water temperature is too low, the washing effect will be reduced.

In the washing, in addition to the sweater marked with "super washable" or "machine washable" logo, the general sweater should be carefully washed by hand, avoid rubbing with hand or with a washboard, It can't be washed with a washing machine. Otherwise, the felting between the wool fiber scales will greatly reduce the size of the sweater. Machine washing is easy to damage the sweater and disintegrate.

Generally, before the sweater is washed, the parts with more stains should be counted or marked, so that the parts can be carefully cleaned during washing, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning without damage to the sweater.

When washing different colors of sweaters, it is generally not advisable to treat them at the same time to prevent contamination between different colors.

After the sweater is washed, rinse with water and rinse until there is no sewage and no foam. The rinsed sweater should be gently pressed to remove water, then placed in a mesh bag, and the drip is lifted until the water drops. Then dry it, put the wool sweater on the flat plate to dry it, or put the two sleeves on the bamboo pole, gently flatten it and dry it. Should not use hangers to dry. When drying, generally dry in low light or in a cool and ventilated place, do not expose to the sun in the hot sun, so as not to damage the sweater.

For chemical fiber products, since it is strong, it does not produce fluffing. Therefore, it can be washed by a general laundry method. However, for some structures that are loose and have loops or napped products on the surface, it is best not to use a washing machine for washing, otherwise the fabric may be damaged.

Only clothing with a pure wool logo or wool blend logo indicating that it can be dried can be dried by machine. There is a mark on the wash that can be dried, indicating that it is safe to dry using a dryer.

After washing and drying, the sweaters usually need to be ironed to restore the original style, which is convenient for wearing or storage. Before the sweater is ironed, it needs to be set with ironing or shaping. When ironing, the woollen sweater is suitable for steam. The iron is ironed at a temperature of 135 to 145 ° C; the worsted sweater is suitable for ironing with an electric iron at a temperature of 120 to 160 ° C. When ironing, the sweater should be covered with a soaked white cloth to give a wet.