How to check the quality of jeans

- Mar 07, 2019-


How to check the quality of the workmanship of jeans

The average consumer will look at it, you can open the trousers to see, the quality of the sewing line and the car line are relatively easy to see. At the zipper, there are many types of lines, and it can be seen whether the lathe is exquisite, but also pay attention to check the quality of the jujube line. There is a simple way to see how the quality of the mechanic is. Just look at the trademark in the back of the trousers. Because the cockroaches are usually small, the car line is a test for the car mechanics, but small things are not easy to drive. What can't be forgotten when talking about the quality of the lathe is the quality of the sewing thread. Usually the quality of the low-end goods is also very poor.

How to simply look at the quality and grade of the wash water?

The quality and grade of washing water is the main factor determining the grade of a pair of jeans. Usually high-grade jeans, the washing will be relatively complicated, more manual, and the washing design will be more characteristic. Because many washing processes are mainly made by workers in a single piece, the quality of washing water is usually different in the same batch of the same brand. Usually good washing, it looks natural, whether it is hand rub, stirrup or oil painting, the more the effect of washing out, the better the fading effect after natural wear and tear after years of washing, the better. The poorly washed water looks unreal and unnatural at first glance.