How to choose a men's sweater

- Apr 16, 2019-

1. First of all, the popular mainland and British style sweaters, including the "V" series of men's cardigans, pullovers, round children, painted high collar pullovers. The flower pattern has a flat, flat embossed flower (twist). There are also geometric patterns such as picking flowers, jacquards, fat flowers, etc., as well as strips of woolen sweaters. Generally, it is woven with plain or near-color. These sweaters are simple, elegant, quiet and elegant, and are suitable for middle-aged and old men.

2. Then, trendy style sweaters, such as loose, one-neck, straight-hanging straight sleeves, etc. are all in this series. These styles are timeless, with unique design, distinctive personality and bold features. Most of its graphics are abstract, irregular, and romantic. The use of contrasting color combinations in color is irritating and gives a feeling of jumping and flickering. This sweater is rough, lively, bright, and youthful. It is most suitable for young men to wear. Some middle-aged men who love to move will look younger.

3. Precautions

The choice of sweaters should also pay attention to practical value, according to their own occupation, personality, skin color and other characteristics to decide, but also consider whether it is harmonious with suits, ties, other clothing. It is necessary to match the characteristics of each aspect in order to achieve the best results.