How to choose the color of jeans

- Mar 05, 2019-

Jeans are also known as "sturdy pants." A pair of tights for men and women. The front body trousers are flawless, the back body trousers are unprovinced, the door is fitted with a zipper, the front body trousers are provided with a slant pocket, and the back piece has two patch pockets with a pointed waist, and the seam at the seam of the bag is nailed. Metal rivets are pressed with bright lines. It is wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, close-fitting and comfortable.

Jeans are generally made of sapphire blue water-grinding fabrics such as labor cloth and beef tendon cloth. They are also made of other fabrics such as suede, corduroy and velveteen, collectively referred to as "jeans". First appeared in the western United States, has been welcomed by local miners and cowboys, and is still very popular in the contemporary era. Because jeans are wear-resistant, some fabrics are soft, and they are fashionable and comfortable to wear. They are loved by young people.

In the past, the tissues and colors of jeans were very simple, and they became rich in color. But basically it is mainly indigo and blue-black. The main reason is that the effect after the blue wash is most popular with the public, and it can stand the test of time. Those variegated jeans have been popular for some time, but they all blew like a gust of wind, so for most of the consumption, it is a bit of a fuss about the jeans in the color of too much picky. Indigo is not a solid color, it has a more beautiful effect, so it is also the eternal beauty of jeans.