How to choose the denim shorts that suit you

- Apr 17, 2019-

This season, beauty is not a crime! It is a crime! Maybe you have a pair of denim shorts, but maybe only one is the one that really suits you.

Short legs

If a girl has long legs, it is a very lucky thing. Because, you can choose the striped denim shorts, even the horizontal stripes will not appear bloated, and can modify the length of the legs too long.

Short legs

Don't worry about girls with upper body proportions greater than their legs. You can choose high-waist denim shorts with curled edges and a pair of high-heeled shoes on your feet. The overall vision can be stretched to the legs, and you can rely on denim shorts to modify your body and become more perfect.

Apple figure

This figure is the size of the fat and thin body in everyone's mouth, you can put the visual highlights on the legs. It is suitable for wearing denim shorts with loose edges and highlights the advantages of the legs.

Pear shape

The upper body is slightly thin and the body is overweight, and the ultra-short denim shorts are the best for you. Don't be shy, the short type of denim shorts won't expose your wide hips, but because of its short length, your legs are longer, and the exposed pockets can cover part of the thighs and visually. The perfect ratio.

This is why many European and American actresses love to wear this denim shorts. Diane Kruger wears denim shorts + printed shirts, which is extraordinarily sexy.

Both legs are straight and long

You can show off because you are suitable for all types of denim shorts! Then recommend a pair of hot pants that are only suitable for straight-legged girls. This layered hole burrs can definitely create your unique beauty.


You can try the print + pattern denim shorts, the mix and match effect of these elements can cause visual guidance and modify the leg shape.


To choose loose-fitting shorts, the tighter the body, the more the curves of the hips and legs, so the loose lines will stretch the lines and modify the leg and hip curves.

TIPS: Denim shorts for four squats of 1:2

1.The diameter of the pants tube is larger than the diameter of the thigh by more than 6 cm.

2.The length of the pants is equal to one quarter of the bottom of the knee to the knee, which is both thin and long.

3.The best trouser leg is torn the edging or fringed edge design, so that the visual proportion will make your leg line the slimmer. And comfortable to wear, no tightness. The flesh of the thighs is also completely obstructed and the legs are obviously elongated.

4.hip waist must not be less, choose shorts with a pocket design before and after, and wrinkles can help improve the hip line.