How to choose the right jeans for you?

- Apr 04, 2019-

The timeless jeans can be worn in all seasons, wearable, classic and comfortable. Its popularity is unquestionable. For anyone who loves fashion, jeans are an indispensable classic in the closet. Even if everyone loves jeans, not everyone has found the one that really suits them. How to choose the specific, their own leg type must be the primary consideration.

In everyday life, the perfect leg shape is not common. It is important to find the characteristics of your own leg shape before choosing.


The legs stand close together and stand naturally, the knees can be closed, but the ankles can't touch. The legs are X-shaped.


When the feet are close together and stand naturally, the ankles can touch and the knees cannot be closed.

The legs are O-shaped.

XO type legs:

When the legs are standing close together, the knees and ankles can be closed, but the calves have a continuous gap.

It is also the most common type of leg.

The good news is:

Normal leg type can choose all pants type boldly. However, once the leg is not correct, we have to choose the right pair of jeans.

Straight jeans

Suitable for thick thighs, O-legs

The most common straight jeans are undoubtedly the most popular. Not only do you sit on the top of the versatile sacred heads of the four seasons, but the skill of the figure is not to be underestimated. Even if you are petite or even with short legs and long legs, you only need a high-waist straight jeans to easily wear a good proportion. Pulling up a pair of trousers to reveal the ankles is even more fashionable. In general, the daily small straight tube does not fit the leg line completely. The trouser tube has the right space, and the minimalist shape can perfectly modify the slightly curved leg shape. At the same time, the partial leg can also be covered very well.

Flare jeans

Suitable for calf thick, X-leg

If the calf is thick, bell-bottoms are the best choice. On the one hand, the design of the fit leg circumference is as thin as possible, highlighting the advantages. on the other hand,

The flared pants below the knees maximize the calf curve. Seven-point, or nine-point flared jeans are the most popular, with simple T-shirts, shirts, and high-heeled shoes to harvest the romantic femininity of commuting.

Colorblock jeans

Overall leg size, XO leg

In the past two years, the fashion icon people's color matching denim can be said to earn a good return rate, which naturally has the merits of the silhouette, but the color matching design is the soul of the pants. The splicing from shallow to deep enhances the sense of style and makes people shine. The shades of color can also make the legs look slimmer. If you encounter a color on the back or side, your legs look long and straight. Jeans like this type of hip color can also modify the hip shape. However, it is still recommended to choose simple and natural color matching jeans, too exaggerated style will have visual expansion effect, counterproductive.

Wide leg jeans

The overall leg is thick and suitable for all types of legs.

Of course, there are also all kinds of pants with imperfect leg types. Whether it is thick overall legs, leg shape, hip shape or short legs, a suitable wide-leg jeans can solve all the problems. However, it should be noted that the wide leg pants are not as long as possible, the bigger the better. For example, the wide-leg pants that often appear in street shooting need to be carefully selected. If the legs are stacked on the ankles, it is easy to appear dull. The slim ankle is the best length. In addition, wide-leg jeans with loose tops

Not necessarily suitable for everyone, tightening loose is the safest and most practical way.

Starting from the details to perfect your own wear, is always more reliable than the blind obedience of people. Even without the perfect leg shape, learning to use these knowledge points can bring you better matching and sincere confidence.