How to deal with stains on sweaters

- Feb 21, 2019-


If the sweater is not wearing attention when wearing it, it will stain with one or the other. It is very important to clean it effectively. The following describes some common stain treatment methods.

When the clothes are dirty, please immediately cover a clean and absorbent dry cloth in a dirty place to absorb the dirt that has not been absorbed.

How to remove special dirt

Alcoholic beverages (excluding red wine) - Use a piece of absorbent cloth to gently touch the area to be treated in order to absorb excess liquid as much as possible. Wipe with a small amount of sponge and half a warm water and half a mixture of medicinal alcohol.

Black coffee - mixed with alcohol and an equal amount of white vinegar, soak a piece of cloth and carefully press the dirt, then dry it with a cloth that absorbs strongly.

Blood - As soon as possible, wipe the bloody area with a damp cloth to absorb excess blood. Gently rub the undiluted vinegar on the stain and wipe it with cold water.

Cream/ Grease/Sauce - If it is stained with oil, use a spoon or knife to remove excess oil from the surface of the garment, then take a piece of cloth in a special cleaning agent for dry cleaning, then gently wipe the dirt.

Chocolate/milk coffee/tea - first use a cloth stained with white spirits, gently press the stain around, in the way to handle black coffee.

Egg/Milk - Lightly stain the stain with a cloth dampened with white spirits and repeat with a cloth dampened with diluted white vinegar.

Fruit/Juice/Red Wine - Lightly press the stain with a cloth mixed with alcohol and water (ratio 3:1).

Grass - Carefully use soap (with neutral soap or soap) or lightly rub with a cloth dampened with medicinal alcohol.

Ink / Ball Pen - Lightly stain the stain with a cloth dampened with white spirits, then repeat with a cloth covered with white vinegar or alcohol.

Lipstick/Cosmetics/Shoe Polish - Wipe with a cloth dampened with turpentine or white spirits.

Urine - as soon as possible. First use a dry sponge to absorb more than the liquid, then wipe the undiluted vinegar, and finally refer to the blood treatment.

Wax - first remove the excess wax on the surface of the garment with a spoon or knife, then cover the blotting paper and lightly heat it with a medium temperature iron.

Cardigan renovation

The sweater is shortened and hardened. It can be wrapped up with a clean white cloth, put into a steamer and steamed for ten minutes. After taking it out, shake it a little, shake the fiber, and carefully pull it into its original shape and size. Place it flat on a thin plate or sieve back, dry it in a well-ventilated place, and dry it to restore its original shape.

Wool or wool fabric, the number of washing will gradually lose the original luster, if rinsed with water several times, then add a few drops of vinegar in the water to continue to float, so that the acid and alkali neutralize, the wool and wool fabric will recover Original luster.

The special care of lightweight wool fabrics, light fabrics such as cool wool, etc., although easy to wrinkle, can be ironed with a wet cloth or steam iron.