How to distinguish single yarn, strand

- Jul 26, 2019-

Single yarn: The short fiber is processed by spinning, and the short fibers are arranged in the axial direction and twisted.

Strand: made of two or more single yarns combined with twisting, which is stronger and more wear resistant than single yarn;

At the same time, the strands can also be combined and twisted in a certain way to obtain the reclamation strands.

The single yarn is generally Z twist .

The strands are divided into: ZS (single yarn Z twist, strand yarn S twist; strand twist direction and single yarn twist), the yarn structure is stable, the hand feels soft and the gloss is good;

ZZ (single yarn Z twist, yarn Z twist; strand twist direction and single yarn), the yarn structure is not stable, it is easy to kink, the hand feels hard and the gloss is poor.

Yarn: A general term for yarns and threads, a thin, soft, continuous strip of woven fabric with a certain strength and linear density.