How to do the shrinking of the sweater

- Jun 25, 2019-

Today's solution: Recently, many friends are very distressed about the washing and shrinking of sweaters. Why do sweaters shrink and the sweaters shrink? What about Xiaobian is to give you a puzzle!

Why do sweaters shrink?

The scale structure of wool is a major factor in the production of fluff. When the wool fiber is immersed in the hot soap liquid, the scale layer expands and expands, and each other is fitted, and after repeated continuous irregular external force (washing action), the mutual displacement of the fibers generates friction, and the wool fiber reverses the scale direction. The frictional resistance is larger than the direction of the scales, and the fibers arranged in the reverse direction can only move along the direction of the other scale, and cannot be reversed. Each fiber in the sweater drives the fibers entangled with it, and slowly creeps in a certain direction. During the process of continuous deformation, retraction and displacement, the whole sweater is tightly entangled and felted. And irreversible. This formed the shrinking of the sweater.

Sweaters shrink how to do

Hair conditioner soaking

The conditioner was mixed with warm water in a ratio of 1:10, and the sweater was immersed therein for about 10 minutes and taken out.

While soaking, gently scrub the sweater while gently stretching the sweater and remove it after 10 minutes.

Finally, iron with the iron, while stretching the sleeves and length of the sweater, the sweater will slowly return to the original ~

2. Shampoo soaking

Pour a proper amount of shampoo into warm water and stir until the solution produces a rich foam.

Put it in a shrinking sweater and soak it for about 30 minutes. Remove the moisture from all parts of the clothing by hand, and wring it out by hand instead of using your hands. When the sweater is still wet, stretch the clothes to restore the size.

Prepare a large dry towel or a large bath towel, spread it on the table, stretch the sweater to the right size, and spread it over the towel. First press with a towel to blot out the remaining water.

Then roll up the sweater with a towel, roll up the clothes while squeezing, repeat this action many times, you can restore the original look of the sweater~

Shampoo soaking method does not require ironing, it is much more troublesome than conditioner soaking ~ you can try this method if you want to be lazy.

3. Soaking with softener

In addition to making the clothes more supple, the fabric softener can also be used to restore the shrinking sweater~

Because its composition can soften the cotton wool fabric, the fabric fibers that were originally deformed and tightened become fluffy and stretchable, and the ductility is restored.

First put the pot into warm water and drip in the appropriate amount of fabric softener. Stir gently by hand to allow the solution to float.

Put the shrinking sweater into the solution, the active ingredient of the softener will stick to the sweater, and the fiber of the sweater will soften quickly. This is a good time to restore the shape, gently press the stretched clothing by hand.

After soaking for about 10 minutes, rinse the clothes with water. Continue to stretch by hand when the sweater is not dry.

Finally wait for the clothes to dry and iron them once with an iron. When ironing, pay attention to it, while stretching while stretching, and pay attention to the ironing temperature should not be too high, so as not to damage the clothes.

In this way, no matter what the clothing shrinks, it can be restored to the original, a trick to save your beautiful clothes!

4. Steam iron heating

The shrink sweater is heated with a steam iron and stretched by hand. Because the heating area of the steam iron is limited, it is necessary to heat the parts of the sweater in turn, repeat the stretching action, and the sweater can be restored to the original shape~

When the sweater is just bought back, you can use the amount of the ruler first. When you use the above method to restore the original sweater, you can know the original size of the sweater.

5. Steamer hot steaming method

First find a cotton pocket for your home. You can also replace it with a cotton pillowcase. Fold the shrinkable sweater into a cotton pocket/cotton pillowcase.

Prepare a clean steamer, pour water into the pot and boil. After the water is opened, put it in a cotton pocket and steam it for about 15 minutes.

Take out the sweater, stretch the sweater by hand and pull out the original ideal length. At this time, as long as the moisture in the sweater is naturally dried, the clothes can be magically restored.

If the stretching action is repeated, the sweater is still not restored, and the above hot steaming method can be repeated. Can definitely restore the sweater as it is!