How to match a sweater

- Sep 10, 2019-

Stripe has always been one of the fashion elements. This sweater is based on a dark blue base with simple white stripes and a bit of a navy shirt. T-shirts and short skirts can be worn in a very youthful look.

Knitwear design is mostly button-shaped design, such as the design of the waist effect, to a unique style, the neckline design, so that this sweater looks like a suit with a tough temperament. The matching of small squares is a bright spot.

The loose white sweater is very casual and has a pink shirt for a comfortable and casual overall look. It is also good to wear as an office worker. It doesn't have to be very formal, and there is a bright spot like this.

A very fresh set of collocations can not only show the elegance of office workers, but also the elegance of women. Whether it is single wear or so, it is a good choice.

1.The matching of long sweaters

You can suggest a sling vest or a round neck t-shirt and a plain bottoming shirt. These are simple and well matched. Colors try black, beige, khaki, gray, and the like, such as purple, a little knit sweater is a very charming and elegant visual experience! The lower body is very good to try straight jeans and micro-cone pants will look very good. If you have a thin leg, wear a pair of pencil pants and a sweater. It is a mix of foreign and fashion.

2, how to match the hollow sweater?


For the matching of openwork sweaters, here's a plan: wear a white bottoming shirt or a white bottoming shirt with the same color as your openwork sweater. Wear a pair of jeans underneath. It is easy to dress and look simple and simple. Another example: a green openwork sweater with a white long bottom skirt, the skirt is the kind of lace, and the boots are very nice. Colors may have their own favorite friends. The above two schemes, you can follow the scheme yourself, and then choose the appropriate method of matching the hollow sweater.

3, striped sweater matching method:

(1) For the loose version of the horizontal striped sweater, it is best to match with tight jeans, or shorts such as shorts are also a good choice.

(2) Design a horizontal striped sweater. For the design of the horizontal striped sweater, it is best to match the other items with simplicity. In this era of individuality, the knitwear with a sense of design is chosen by more women. When matching, it is recommended that other items be the best and not too exaggerated. The line of sight is concentrated and naturally thin.

(3) Color stitching striped loose sweater. It’s very good to have a shirt with a shirt or a base in a thick coat. Shoes, such as canvas shoes, etc. If the overall color of the clothes is dark, wear a pair of warm-colored shoes to wear, with some bright colored accessories.

(4) For the horizontal striped knit cardigan, it is best to match the dark dress. Knitted cardigan is a single item for women in the workplace, while horizontal stripes can also add personal charm, and the best matching solution is to match dark products, especially dark dresses. To coordinate the dullness of heavy colors, to play a very good overall effect, and just right, not too arrogant and exaggerated, reflecting the confidence and elegance of women in the workplace. The dark dress, with the matching of the horizontal striped cardigan, is more and more self-cultivating, reflecting the perfect body line.

(5) For the tight-fitting horizontal striped sweater, it is best to match the tapered pants. Selecting long accessories also has a visually high effect. The tight-fitting horizontal striped sweater is very challenging, so for girls who are not satisfied with the body, even if you choose a horizontal striped sweater, don’t choose a tight-fitting style. At the same time, the tapered pants have a good visual balance. Stretch the leg lines and make the overall feeling a lot high!

4, short-sleeved sweater matching method:

As a short-sleeved sweater, it can be worn with a vest or a suit and a windbreaker. Wearing knit pants, denim pencil pants, or leggings or bottoming skirts and popular leather pants are all possible. In addition, short sleeves. You can wear a long-sleeved T-shirt or check shirt in your sweater.

5, the matching method of loose sweater:

A loose knit sweater with a brown belt and a small waistline that doubles and overlaps with warmth. With a pair of trousers and a trousers, it is the most popular way to match this season's hot socks. Or you can wear a very trendy color eye-catching leggings, such as a very exaggerated color blend, or a very eye-catching solid color, if the long paragraph, you need to wear leggings must be close-fitting, ordinary clothes Will also wear a different style. It is recommended to take an oversized scarf and cover the plain collar. The color must be warm and it will be fine.