How to Prevent Unqualified Sweaters

- Nov 30, 2018-

1. Check whether the pH value of the sweater is qualified. The pH value is the safety goal of textiles. The pH value of the surface layer of human skin is weakly acidic. If the pH value exceeds the support, it will damage the barrier of the human body surface and easily lead to inflammation such as itching. Parents should pay attention to the uniforms of the uniforms. In addition, the newly purchased sweater should be fully washed before use. Because of the washing, most of the "floating color", dirt and free formaldehyde remaining in the fabric can be washed away. Together, after washing, it can improve the pH overrun of the product and protect the human skin very well.


2, the signing of the standard purchase contract in the custom sweater should pay attention to the selection of sweater manufacturers, contract signing should be more detailed, and the sweater manufacturers signed a purchase together, the quality requirements of the sweater should be clearly and detailed written into the contract terms In order to present quality problems, there is a basis for accountability.


3. See if the sweater adds formaldehyde to the yarn. Some sweater manufacturers use the additive that will release formaldehyde in the dyeing or post-cleaning technology of the sweater. Formaldehyde-rich textiles will gradually release free formaldehyde during wear and use, causing damage to the human body.


4, check the dyeing is not qualified After the dye is fading, the harmful molecules and heavy metal ions in the dyeing may be bitten, causing the dye to directly inhale into the body, which will cause damage to health, so be sure to check the dyeing of the sweater is not qualified!