How to wash sweaters? Do you have a thunder!

- Mar 28, 2019-

The sweater is not as "soft" as it is supposed to be, and it can be worn for many years.

And it won't be deformed, and the warmth effect will not be completely discounted.

Sun is right. The ultraviolet light in the sun is a natural sterilizing artifact, which can be well sterilized. More sun drying wool is able to remove bacteria inside. However, the sun does not solve the problem of sweater pilling, nor can it remove the stains and dirt left in the wool. Only when the sweater is properly cleaned can your sweater be as new as every year.

How should the sweater be washed?

Dry cleaning can avoid the problem of water deformation, but frequent use of chemical lotion can also cause fabric damage.

Damaged fabrics can cause the wool to pilling, harden or even deform, and yellow, so it is important to use the laundry liquid.

 In the process of washing wool, try to choose a purely natural wool-based laundry detergent based on plant formula. There is no strong chemical action, the wool is milder, the static friction is reduced, and the hairball is reduced. The wool will not be washed harder and harder.

 The correct steps to wash the sweater

▼ Use wool special laundry detergent, put it in cold water and mix well, the water temperature should not exceed 30 °C.

▼When the sweater is turned over and put into the water, you can soak it first (no more than 5 minutes) and avoid soaking for a long time.

▼ Do not use sputum for sweaters. Squeeze and gently pat to avoid shrinkage and deformation.

▼ Change the water once or twice, put it in the laundry bag and use a washing machine to dry it. If it is a cashmere sweater, you can have several sets of laundry bags.

▼ Hanging will cause the clothes to deform, it is recommended to spread out to dry.