Maintenance methods and matching skills of knitted sweaters

- Nov 30, 2018-

Know before cleaning

Before washing the sweater, it is necessary to carefully identify the raw materials of the sweater and wash it according to the label instructions. It is still necessary to dry clean.

1. Dry cleaning: send laundry to wash.

2. Washing: Take the laundry or cold washing essence into the water and mix it thoroughly, then immerse the sweater in it.


A Hand press - Do not rub to prevent fluffing. When the water is washed, it is repeatedly pressed until the washing stops.

B Washing machine wash - first immerse the sweater in the soaked detergent water, soak for about 15 minutes, remove it and put it in the laundry bag, then put it into the washing machine to wash at a low speed, but it is easier to pick up the ball in the washing machine.

C After washing, dry it by tiling.

How should the sweater be washed? Knitwear accurate washing

How to wash sweaters without deformation method 1: acetic acid immersion method

Specific steps:

1. Before washing, knit the dust on the sweater in the cold water for about 15 minutes;

2. Take out the soaked sweater and squeeze it out, then put it into a solution of neutral detergent and water (pH between 6 and 8, mainly for laundry), quietly wash and clean.

3. Take out the clean and clean sweater and rinse it with water. At the last rinse, 2% vinegar can be added to the water. (It can maintain the color and flexibility of the wool, which is good for preventing deformation).

4. Then, the washed sweater can be tiled to dry, so as to prevent gravity deformation due to water after washing.


How to wash the sweater without deformation 2: Tea washing method

Specific steps:

1. Cook a pot of boiling water first, and then take appropriate tea after boiling, until the tea leaves are soaked and filtered out.

2, then put the cool tea leaves into the sweater to be cleaned, wash the sweater as usual (because the tea is alkaline, there is the effect of fixing and maintaining the fiber)

3. After washing the washed sweater, it will not be easily deformed.


How to wash the sweater without deformation method three: freezing method

Specific steps:

1. After cleaning the sweater with the above method, it can also be placed in the freezer for about one hour.

2. Take out the frozen sweater and dry it (not the sun), it will be as white as new, and the deformation will be greatly reduced.


How should the sweater be washed? Knitwear accurate washing

Cleaning precautions

1. Knitwear is best for hand washing and dry cleaning. Do not machine wash. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not use hot water to clean.

2. In the washing of the sweater, it is best to clean the inner layer of the sweater, and the white clothes can be washed with a high alkaline scrubbing agent to achieve a bleaching effect.