Processing process of sweater

- Nov 30, 2018-

One. Woven fabric

The sweater has a big body, back and two sleeves. The pullover is four pieces. The cardigan is five pieces. The fabric refers to weaving these pieces on the machine.

Fabrics are generally divided into mobile phone and machine (computer flat knitting machine). Cell phones are made of wool knitted into sweaters by hand-knitting machines. Any flower can be knitted without needing to sew all the dishes. Cell phones can knit the whole sweater, including collar stickers, chest stickers, bags and so on.

Two. Cut the bed:

It refers to cutting the fabric into the desired shape according to the pattern. Most of the electrical fabrics need to be cut, most of the sweater cutting machines are hand-cut, and the pure color cloth woven by cylinder machine can be cut by electricity. Cell phone weaving seldom requires cutting, except for specific styles.

Three, bone:

Usage: Prevent fabric cutting from spreading, dividing into three and four threads. They are divided into 1, single-layer samarium bone 2 and double-layer samarium bone. Then they are sewn through the stitching disc. The double-layer samarium bone is the samarium bone with two layers of cloth. After the samarium bone, there is no need to sew through the sewing disc. The mobile phone fabric only needs the samarium yarn, including the cuff top yarn, the arm yarn.

Four, sewing plate:

It refers to a kind of sewing equipment. The main function is to sew the shirt pieces (including front, back, sleeve, collar, chest sticker, bag and other accessories).

Five, pick and bump:

Use hand needles to combine parts that cannot be stitched by the machine. Three aspects: 1. Removal of yarn, trimming 2, pick 3, collision

Six, wash water:

Washing water plays a very important role in sweater process, because the feel of sweater is mostly controlled by washing water process.

Seven, ironing:

Sweaters ironing is very different from other clothes, because sweaters shrink after washing, sweaters need to be ironed and fixed size, sweaters ironing needs steam ironing and special special board help;