Some tips about jeans

- Mar 08, 2019-


1, tall women, generally what pants type is more suitable; short legs of women, not suitable for wearing pants below five pants; legs with thicker women, it is best not to wear too tight jeans; legs are particularly thin Women, it is best not to wear denim shorts.

2, the color of jeans is mainly blue and black, jeans of other colors are also available, but once popular, they are no longer durable. So classic and practical blue and black jeans are a good choice.

3. The weight of the trousers is related to the density of the woven fabric. The higher the density, the heavier the trousers. Generally divided into: light, medium and heavy three categories. It is advisable to choose medium-sized jeans in the spring and autumn. It is advisable to choose light-weight jeans in summer and heavy-duty jeans in winter.

4, jeans are best to buy a little longer, the general jeans will shrink after washing, and a little longer to wear better. If the jeans have been shrunk, you can buy the right length.

5, do not wash jeans does not mean not pay attention to hygiene, jeans wear for a long time can be more in line with the leg type. Therefore, jeans should not be washed too hard, so that you can wear the feeling of jeans themselves.