The right way to choose jeans

- Mar 19, 2019-

Suitable for trousers for work, one is pleated and the other is pleated. When wearing these two kinds of trousers, the tops should wear a formal and tangible style to have a professional sense.

Pleated trousers can be worn with sweaters, blouses and vests. In particular, a blouse that is similar in color to the trousers can make the overall look more slender. When wearing pleated trousers, put a sweater and a shirt into the trousers. The jacket is also very suitable for matching these two trousers. The principle of buying trousers is the same as that of skirts - the simpler and better the style, the longer it will last.

The pockets of the trousers should be on the side so that the hips do not look enlarged.

Choose trousers made of wool crepe, knitted fabrics, gabardine and other fabrics. These fabrics are not easy to be outdated and are good material for trousers.

When trying on, find the correct length of the trousers, too long or too short. The length of the trousers should be just above the heel to expose the shoes and lengthen the body. Wearing trousers with a pair of shoes, will be more authoritative, the most suitable height is the middle heel shoes. It is best to have linings in the trousers. In addition to being more fit, it can also hide the bloated body. Whether the hem has a pleated style depends on the height and the height of the trousers. Those who are tall and lean can wear pleated hem, but those who are less than 162 cm tall should not try it easily. Straight trousers are easier to wear with a jacket than a long skirt. Pay special attention to the smoothness of the trousers. It is the focus of the trousers fit, and the key to the sewing technique. The bad pants will make the trousers droop, bulge and not fit. It is best to leave more of the seams of the trousers and the seams of the hem, so that the popular changes can be modified.