Washing process of jeans

- Nov 30, 2018-

After a pair of jeans have gone through dozens of processes in the factory, it is not really a finished product. Why do the same piece of denim fabric make a variety of trousers? In fact, the big key is to wash the water, the washing is not the same, and the style of coming out is different.

Among them are: stone mill, enzyme, sandblasting, cat whisker, silicone oil, bleaching, color, snow, wrinkle, coating.

Stone grinding finishing: using special pumice stone and denim clothing for irregular friction, resulting in old-fashioned effect, making the denim new and old, but clean and new;

Enzyme washing: It is mainly to use the biological principle to break down the slurry on the denim to make the dye peel off, the fabric becomes soft, the color is bright, and there is also a certain washing effect;

Sandblasting is divided into two types from raw materials: one is silicon carbide and the other is potassium permanganate. Both use high pressure to spray corundum or potassium permanganate onto the clothes, so that the spray position becomes shallower and has reached an artificial rubbing effect, generally on the front and rear sides of the thigh;

The cat must be the cat's beard, as the name implies. The evolution of the cat's washable water is a kind of natural and old-like effect on the flexion of the joint when the human body is wearing. With the prevalence of nostalgic wind, this process is coming. The more use in the femoral hernia, arm wrist, knee wrist, etc.;

Silicone oil is a good softener, it is generally used together with other processes; the rinsing out of the denim is white, generally used in spring and summer styles;

Color registration refers to the dyeing of denim clothing to make up for the defect of the single color of denim clothing;

Snowflake finishing, using different processes and acidic etchants to make the fabric surface irregularly fade, creating a romantic style, with a marble appearance or irregular snow white;

Crumpling is carried out by steam and iron and then shaped by resin;

The coating is a layer of resin on the denim. The feature is that it does not fade.