What are the varieties of sweaters?

- Mar 01, 2019-


The sweater can be worn inside or outside, with many styles and quick changes.

The main types of sweaters are various tops, coats, pants, suits, etc., especially the styles of the tops, such as cardigans, pullovers, lapels, vests, etc. Hand-knitted sweaters can be formed into a variety of patterns and styles through different stitching methods. Cardigan is a large-scale product in woven sweaters. According to the raw material composition (including the amount of wool), color, fabric density, stitching, appearance, etc., the variety and grade are divided. 1 Cashmere sweater: The fine fluff of the hair root obtained from the natural depilation season of the goat, or the fluff cut from the live sheep is used as raw material. There are white velvet, blue velvet, purple velvet, etc., and white velvet is expensive. The fiber fineness is about 15 to 16 μm. Cashmere sweaters are soft, comfortable, and have good thermal performance. They are high-end products. 2 yak sweater: raw yak hair, usually brown. Often blended with high-branched wool, it is a high-end product. It is a unique woolen sweater variety in China. 3 camel sweater: the fluff of the camel hair removal season is used as raw material, the color is brown red, apricot yellow and so on. Because of its poor spinnability, camel hair is not suitable for pure spinning, so it is mostly blended with wool. The camel sweater has the characteristics of being soft and medium, not easy to stick, and has a crisp appearance. It is a high-grade product. 4 rabbit sweater; rabbit hair as the main raw material. Rabbit hair is shiny, but it is poorly spinnable and is generally blended with wool. The rabbit sweater has the characteristics of softness, smoothness and strong hairiness, and is a high-grade product. 5 Ma Hai sweater: Made from Angora wool (mohair). It is characterized by long hair length (120~150mm), bright and light curl, and not easy to shrink. It is a high-grade product. All kinds of chemical fiber mohair sweaters resembling mohair are low-grade products. 6 lamb sweater: also known as lamb sweater. It is made of lamb wool as raw material and spun into various counts of woollen yarn. The texture is soft and it is a mid-range product. 7 Selangor sweater: raw wool is used as raw material. Feeling fluffy, cheap, is a low-end product. 8 blended sweater: made of silk, wool, acrylic, etc., mixed in different proportions or interwoven into wool yarn. Wool and silk blended silk sweater, with silky smoothness and wool warmth, is a high-end product. Wool and acrylic blended sweaters generally differ in the proportion of wool. 9 Expanded Acrylic Sweater: Made from crimped, deformed acrylic yarn. The characteristics are fluffy, elastic, but the hand feels hard, the fluffy effect can not last, it is a low-end product.