What are the yarn classifications?

- Mar 13, 2019-

Classification by yarn raw materials

Pure spinning

Pure spinning yarns are yarns spun from a fibrous material such as cotton yarn, wool yarn, hemp yarn and crepe spinning. Such yarns are suitable for making pure textiles.

Blended yarn

The blended yarn is a yarn spun from two or more kinds of fibers, such as a blended yarn of polyester and cotton, a blended yarn of wool and viscose, and the like. Such yarns are used to emphasize the advantages of both fibers.

Classified by yarn thickness

Coarse yarn

Coarse yarn refers to yarns of 32 tex or more (inch 18 lbs and below). Such yarns are suitable for thick fabrics such as tweed, cheesecloth, and the like.

Medium yarn

The medium yarn refers to a yarn of 21-32 tex (English 19-28 lb). Such yarns are suitable for medium thick fabrics such as medium flat cloth, gabardine, khaki and the like.

Fine yarn

The fine yarn refers to a yarn of 11-20 tex (inch 29-54 inch). Such yarns are suitable for thin fabrics such as fine cloth, poplin and the like.

Extra fine yarn

The ultrafine yarn refers to a yarn of 10 tex or less (in English, 58 inches and above). These yarns are suitable for high-grade fine fabrics, such as high-branched shirts, worsted sweaters, etc.