What is a sweater?

- Feb 18, 2019-


Sweaters refer to knitted sweaters made of wool. This is what the common people agree with. In fact, "sweaters" have become synonymous with a kind of products, which are used to refer to "knit sweaters" or Called "wool knitwear." Wool knitwear refers to fabrics woven from yarns made from animal hair fibers such as wool, cashmere and rabbit hair, such as rabbit sweaters, selangor sweaters, sheep sweaters, acrylic shirts, etc. They are all big families of "sweaters".

Sweater clothing is commonly known as sweater clothing, also known as wool knitwear, which is a knitted garment woven from wool yarn or wool-like synthetic yarn. Hand-knitted knitwear appeared in the Euphrates and Tigris river basins around 1000 BC. Machine-knitted knitwear appeared in modern times. In 1862, American RIW Ram invented the double-reverse flat knitting machine, which produced sweaters on it for sewing into garments, marking the beginning of machine-knitted knitwear. .

China has been producing woolen sweaters on knitted flat knitting machines for more than 80 years. Before the liberation, the production technology of Chinese sweaters was very backward. The raw materials mainly depended on imports, and the weaving, garment and dyeing and finishing equipment was very simple. After liberation, especially since the early 1980s, the design, production process, technology and equipment of sweaters in China have made significant progress.

Because the comfort performance of the wool fabric is also superior, it is used as a raw material for knitted underwear and a raw material for a shirt, and its inherent characteristics are modified. People are optimistic about the excellent performance of wool fabrics, and are committed to the development of new wool fabric finishing processes, such as mechanical washable wool finishing, soft and light wool finishing, cool color drying and cool wool finishing, to optimize the performance of wool, so that it can meet A variety of clothing needs.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people are more demanding in clothing, soft, flexible, extensible and drape, good breathability, and fashionable and brightly colored clothing. Since these demands are the superiority of sweater clothing, the sweater clothing plays an increasingly important role in the entire clothing field. Sweaters are developing in the direction of outerwear, serialization, fashion, art, high-end, and branding.