What is yarn

- Mar 12, 2019-

Category : Chemical products

Yarn is a kind of textile, which is processed into various fineness products by various textile fibers. It is used for weaving, rope making, knitting, knitting and embroidery. It is divided into short fiber yarn and continuous filament yarn.

There are various ways to express the fineness of the yarn, such as number, metric count, inch count, denier, etc. (see count). The twist of the yarn is expressed in number of turns per meter or inch.

Wool yarn and wool are generally used in textile sweaters, wool pants, wool vests, scarves, hats and gloves, and weaving all kinds of spring and autumn clothing items, in addition to warmth and decorative effects.

Yarn characteristic parameters

1) Volume density: reflecting the fiber stacking characteristics;

2) the twist angle, curl, etc. of the fiber: reflecting the straightness of the fiber along the yarn axis;

3) The number of shares and the direction of the shares:

4) Linear density (diameter) and coefficient of variation: reflecting yarn thickness and variation

5) The force between the fibers (friction factor, entanglement point, action segment or slip