What kind of material is the jeans made of?

- May 10, 2019-

Jeans generally use sapphire blue water-grinding fabrics such as labor cloth and beef tendon cloth, and are also made of other fabrics such as suede, corduroy, velveteen, etc., collectively referred to as "jeans".

Due to the development of denim styles, the development trend of fashion and leisure is more diversified. A large number of accessories hardware, leather, knitting, color splicing and other manufacturing processes are rapidly developed and used in China.

Denim is a warp yarn dyed with pure cotton indigo and a natural weft yarn. It is made of three right-handed right twill weaves. It can be divided into light, medium and heavy. The width of the cloth is mostly between 114 and 152 cm.

Denim features are as follows:

1. Pure cotton coarse-knit twill, breathable, breathable and comfortable to wear;

2, the texture is thick, the grain is clear and properly treated, it can prevent wrinkles, shrinkage and deformation;

3, eucalyptus is a kind of coordinated color energy matching with various color tops, suitable for all seasons;

4, eucalyptus is a non-solid color, the more wash, the lighter, the lighter and more beautiful.

In addition to the above traditional products, there are also denim:

1. Floral denim with different raw material structure

(1) Stretch denim woven into a warp elastic warp or weft with a small proportion of spandex (about 3-4% of the yarn weight);

(2) Snowflake denim with a low proportion of polyester and cotton blended as a warp yarn, which produces a whitening effect after dyeing;

(3) High-grade denim woven with cotton and linen and cotton-wool blended yarn;

(4) Denim fabrics made of medium and long fibers (T/R);

2. Floral denim fabrics made by different processing techniques

(1) Bark denim fabric woven with high weft yarn;

(2) When the warp yarn is dyed, the dyed denim of the eucalyptus is dyed with a dye such as vulcanized or Haichanglan;

(3) a color strip denim in which a colored warp yarn is embedded in a warp of blue color;

(4) Hang white or print on the denim denim.