Where are the sweaters and cashmere sweaters?

- Jun 25, 2019-

"Wool shirt", "cashmere sweater" is only a bad one, the difference is not a star and a half!

Wool is produced on sheep, but the breeds of sheep are not the same.

Only a thin layer of fine velvet from the "goat", which grows on the outer skin of the goat and covers the roots of the goat's hair, can be called cashmere. The average fiber diameter is only 14.5 microns. Because of its English cashmere, it is also translated as "Casemi", the main producing area is in Inner Mongolia of China.

This kind of cashmere grows only when it is cold in winter every year, and it will naturally fall off after spring. Because of its scarce production, "cashmere" is called soft gold, and the most basic cashmere sweater weaving also needs the sum of the fluff of five small goats.

The collection method has to be combed a little like a comb with a special iron comb. It is also a meticulous work to separate the coarse wool.

Compared with wool and other fibers, it is characterized by slenderness, softness, smoothness, lightness, warmth, soft gloss and strong elasticity. It can also be light and warm in the cold winter.

Cashmere raw cashmere is also divided into three or six, etc., the common cashmere raw cashmere according to its color is divided into white cashmere, blue velvet, purple velvet, etc., of which the best quality of white cashmere. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is China's famous white cashmere production area. Inner Mongolia Alashan is the best quality white cashmere producing area. It enjoys high reputation at home and abroad, and its cashmere is among the best.

In the selection of cashmere sweaters, try to choose simple, simple colors and styles, the classic models will not be outdated.

Cashmere fiber

Pure cashmere must be a unified quality? He is also related to the diameter and length of cashmere fibers.

Cashmere fibers are generally 13-19 microns in diameter, the highest grade is ultra-fine, and the diameter is less than 14.5 microns;

The ultra-fine cashmere is divided into three sub-grades by fiber length: 38mm or more is ultra-fine grade, 34-38mm is ultra-fine grade, and shorter than 34mm is ultra-fine grade.

The second grade is extra fine: 14.5-15.5 micron

The third grade is fine: 15.5-16 microns

The worst grade is coarse: 16-18.5 microns

It can be seen from the standard that the main indicator for measuring cashmere is the thickness of the fiber. In the same thickness of cashmere, the longer the fiber, the better the quality.


Refers to the sheep's hair, the best wool is also the closest to cashmere wool is Australia's beautiful slave wool, the collection method is like cutting hair like a shaved hair, a sheep's hair can be made into many sweaters The sweater is worn close to the body, and the cashmere is to be worn close to the body to have a more beautiful touch.

What is “sheep cashmere”?

There is also a concept of cashmere in the market. In fact, it is a finer wool, or the result of mixing with other animal hairs. It is not pure cashmere at all. Of course, those one or two hundred cashmere sweaters are not enough cost. It can't be real. Therefore, we must also test the eyes of consumers. Cashmere content >30% is called cashmere sweater, >95% can be called 100% cashmere, so everyone should buy and buy when you buy the ingredients list!

Cashmere care

Cashmere is a rare item. If the cashmere produced every year in the world is used to make cashmere sweaters, then one piece can be shared by every 5,000 people in the world. Cashmere is a kind of protein fiber, which is easy to be wormed. Wash and dry before collection. Pack the bag, add insecticide, store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid hanging, so as not to hang overhang.