Why are some jeans fabrics particularly hard?

- Apr 26, 2019-

The hardness of the jeans fabric is related to the material and manufacturing process of the fabric:

1. The tightness of the cotton thread of jeans is related. In general, the industry uses Oz as the unit of measurement. Generally, the average jeans on the market are around 12oz, and the Japanese and American replica jeans are around 14.5oz, and the highest can reach 24oz. 2, high-grade jeans in the production process has a sizing process, through this process, jeans will become very strong, the original color cattle enthusiasts will generally buy such jeans.

3, then soaked in warm water, this process is called desizing. The jeans after desizing are still very strong. After drying, they can stand upright on the ground.

4, after the jeans are done, they should be sent to the washing factory for post-treatment, some are just ordinary washing, some are enzyme washing and softening agent, some are stone grinding, some are sand washing, in short, the final feel depends on the washing method. different.