Yarn selection

- Nov 30, 2018-

The first step in weaving gauze is to choose the yarn. The quality of the yarn directly determines the texture of the gauze. The bridge is a backed by the North China cotton area and is purchased by more than 30 years of experience. The process requires the purchase of different types of yarns. After the yarn is selected, the yarn is sizing, and the yarn will become too strong after being hung, which is not easy to break.

Threading is to put the yarn on the heald. This is a work that requires careful work. The threading seems to be simple, but it has a great influence on the subsequent process. If the wrong one is worn, the weaving machine will be affected during the process of lifting. The whole cloth will become a defective product.

The warping is to arrange the cheese yarns to a certain width according to the length required by the design, and to be parallelly wound onto the warp beam or the weaving shaft to prepare the warp yarns constituting the fabric, and the tension of the whole warp yarns is uniform. The warp yarns are arranged in the same order, and the warp beam surface is flat, which is well prepared for weaving.

Before the weaving of the rapier weaving machine, all the threaded healds need to be installed on the machine. This work requires multiple people to complete. During the installation process, carefully, in order to install according to the number of threading times. All preparations are completed. After that, you can start weaving!

After ensuring that the gauze has no problem, it is necessary to sort the gauze and arrange the gauze into two types according to the different needs of the customer. The figure is the number of gauze that the workers will check on the coding machine. Different coding. Make final preparation for gauze packaging.

After the gauze is woven, the gauze should be inspected. During the weaving process, the gauze will encounter problems such as broken wires and wire heads. In this step, the series of problems should be solved. If it is encountered, it will be trimmed. Workers are undergoing inspection and repair