Characteristics Of Different Yarns

- Nov 30, 2018-

Yarns can be divided into many types, what are their respective characteristics?

Air jet filament expanded yarn, mixed yarn with different degree of buckling, false twist elastic yarn, knife edge elastic filament yarn, stuffing box elastic filament yarn, braided elastic yarn, and curly elastic filament yarn.

Monofilament, refers to a continuous single filament of very long length.

Multifilament, a tow that combines two or more monofilaments together.

Silk: A yarn formed by twisting a multifilament.

Composite crepe: The crepe is combined one or more times and twisted to form a composite crepe.

Deformed wire: The chemical fiber precursor is subjected to deformation processing to have appearance characteristics such as curl, spiral, and loop. The purpose of processing is to increase the bulkiness, flexibility and elasticity of the original yarn. According to the performance characteristics of the textured yarn, there are usually three kinds of elastic yarn, expanded yarn and network yarn.

Single yarn, a single continuous strip of staple fibers formed by spinning.