Each Type Of Polyester Yarn(ATY FDY DTY POY)

- Oct 21, 2020-

Each type of product is examined in detail in this report and which types of products accumulate the maximum profits in terms of sales and earnings per unit of their respective products. 
air textured yarn

ATY polyester yarn can be used as weft yarn for making all kinds of clothing such as outerwear and shirts and its physical performance is very good. It is also used in spinning to Polyester yarn, which is then knitted and woven into fabric. Polyester and FDY yarns can also be twisted and twisted in a variety of ways to produce polyester for embroidery yarns that are widely used in sewing. The ATYpolyester wool yarn performs very well in all types of fabrics such as cotton, wool, wadding, silk, polyethylene, nylon and polypropylene And it can even be woven into fabrics for the sewing machine. Twisted into a range of different shapes and sizes, making it a great choice for use as a fabric for sewing and also a good choice for making polyester Embroidery thread, which has been widely used in sewing.https://www.xmtopstones.com/yarn/polyester-yarn/polyester-aty-air-textured-rw-720d-192f-yarn.html

Polyester and FDY yarns can also be twisted and twisted in various ways to produce polyester embroidery yarns that are widely used in sewing. The polyester sewing thread is made from polyester spun yarn and is available in various sizes and shapes and woven into fabrics for the sewing machine. It is also a yarn with high strength, depending on the suitable use, and it can be produced in a number of different shapes and sizes to be used as a fabric for sewing and also for the production of polyesters for embroidered fabrics.https://www.xmtopstones.com/yarn/polyester-yarn/polyester-fdy-rw-sd-300d-96f-yarn.html

DTY yarns can be semi-matte, light, trilobal or light depending on the type of filament area. DTY yarns: Depending on the type and filament section, DY yarns can be either "semi-matt," "light" or "triple-bright" and can also be available in various sizes and shapes.https://www.xmtopstones.com/yarn/polyester-yarn/polyester-dty-75d-36f-sim-yarn.html

The label of a needlework yarn often contains a measure called tension in the UK, i.e. how many stitches are produced per row on the knitting needle. There are two types of yarn, "heavy worsted" and "lightest," both made of silk - which are formed during the texturing process. They are called "matte," "dark" or "black," "white" (or in some cases even "pink") and come in various sizes and shapes, from "sock" to "kimono" and even as "cotton" for "chunky."

The only difference is the air - textured yarn - the direction of the last twist is in the single-layer yarn. The loop of the yarn is locked, the filament is interwoven with nozzles, and the twist was unnecessary. In a single-layer or "heavy combed" yarn, all the loops of a yarn are locked and all its filaments are connected with a jet, so the twists are unnecessary, but in a double-layer or lightest yarn, they are not.

It has the comfort, beauty, economy and durability that traditional textiles require, but with a much lower weight and better fabric quality.

Pet air - spun yarn has physical properties and a good color that can be used for a long time without fading. Cotton fiber is a natural fiber that absorbs very high absorption and water resistance and is up to 65% waterproof compared to weight.

The FDY yarn is no longer deformed during the process and can be stretched to 3% or less at the spinning nozzle. Textured yarns can also be obtained by twisting and pulling polyester and POY at the same time. The drawing of polyester yarns is done with a hot drawing god as shown in the picture below.

This time I set the thermo to rotation and heat and made the yarn, this time the heat is set to the same temperature as that of the hot drawing god. I mainly use yarn that can be grown to use for knitting fabrics, but I use it mainly for weaving.

Polyester Embroidery Thread is made of polyester FDY, available in various colors, it is made of polyester DTY yarn. The dyeing technology and traditional dyes can also be obtained in different colours. It is hampered by the dope dyes, but is not as good as the traditional methods.

Dope - Dyed technology is dyed POY because it is more efficient and the yarn is dyed evenly in all parts. Dope dyed FDY yarn can be used to produce directly coloured fabrics instead of first producing and then dyeing the fabric FDy (raw white). If you first make a fabricFDY (raw white), it can also be used to make the colored fabrics directly instead of making them raw (white). Dopamine coloring FD Yarn: Instead of making your fabric FDDY (raw white) first, you can dye it directly or raw, it is a different dye. Instead of producing your fabrics first DOPE (raw white), you could also use the directly dyed fabric.