Four Skills For Choosing Jeans

- Nov 30, 2018-

Jeans was originally a kind of tight-fitting work pants worn by American laborers. It first appeared in the middle of the 19th century and became a popular clothing. At present, various clothing stores sell generally made of solid denim, labor cloth or corduroy. Tianwei clothing pointed out that because it is wear-resistant, some fabrics are soft and comfortable to wear on the body, so they are loved by young people.

Jeans buying skills

1, when buying jeans, the waist can not be tight or just right, it is best to leave a gap of about 3 cm in the waistband, that is, the width of the waist is slightly larger, so that not only allows you to have space when you wear, It also allows the waistband to hang on the hip bone, making you look like an advertising model.

2, I believe that most people must know that jeans generally buy long and do not buy short, on the one hand because jeans will shrink after washing, on the other hand, long-term can be modified at will, according to their body shape to match. If the pants are short, huh, I believe everyone understands.

3. If your body is not standard enough, or if you don't have the same size as a model, it is best not to wear thin skinny jeans, because it is not good, it will also hurt your confidence. If you want to dress properly, you should try on it more when you buy it. This is a comparison. If you try to wear it, you should kneel down if the buttocks are not pressing.

4, choose the brand jeans OEM processing jeans are best to choose a looser, because the size of the pants vary from place to place, I think it is necessary to introduce the comparison table of the size of the pants.