How Main Index Of Raw Material Affects Yarn Quality

- Nov 30, 2018-

The physical properties of the raw materials, the maintenance of the equipment status, the application of the process design and process, the application of the components and equipment, and the periodic replacement, the analysis and control level of the test can all affect the quality of the yarn. Raw materials are especially important

Fiber with moderate maturity, good surface performance, high strength, strong resistance to hitting and tearing, high in opening, combing and cleaning. During the opening, carding and drawing process, the fiber fatigue is reduced and the damage is reduced; the fiber with moderate maturity is more curled, and the cohesion between the fibers is also good, which is beneficial to the effective control of the fiber by the drafting mechanism, and the drafting zone The drafting force fluctuation is relatively small, which is conducive to improving the quality of the yarn.

If the raw material is spun yarn with poor processing quality, high cotton content, and high impurity content (especially when there are many small impurities which are difficult to remove), if the knot cannot be removed in the cleaning process, the formation process is due to the formation of the yarn. The fibers of the neps are entangled with each other, and the movement and shifting affect each other. The normal movement and shifting of the fibers are restricted, and the drafting force fluctuates with the operation of the neps, thereby increasing the probability of producing yarn defects; The presence of impurities in the strip causes uneven distribution of fibers in the short segments of the yarn and uneven structure, which affects the quality of the yarn.