How To Remove Dyed Knitted Sweaters

- Nov 30, 2018-

1. Soap-alkali water mixture cleaning method. Put the dyed clothes in the pot, first use the water bubbles and remove them. Then put the laundry into the freshly brewed soapy water and alkaline water mixture solution and soak for ten minutes. In the end, as soon as the water is lightly rubbed, the dyed color is smashed. This will restore the original color of the clothes.

2, 84 disinfectant cleaning method. 84 disinfectant has decolorization and can therefore be used to treat dyed clothing, but it is precisely because of this characteristic that the method is only suitable for dyed white clothing, or color clothing with very light color. The specific operation method is: put the dyed clothes into the basin, pour some freshly boiled water and some 84 disinfectant (the amount of disinfectant should be determined according to the area and depth of dyeing of the clothes), soak for 15 minutes, use Hand smear the staining area of the clothes.

3. Double oxygen solution cleaning method. Put the clothes in a basin filled with cold water, then add hydrogen peroxide to the basin until the ratio of hydrogen peroxide to water is close to 1:10. Soak for about 5 minutes. You can dye your clothes with your hand. Note: Do not directly apply the hydrogen peroxide to the dyeing area of the clothes. When adding hydrogen peroxide to the water, try to avoid dropping directly on the clothes.

4. Washing method of potassium permanganate and acetic acid solution. Configure some low-concentration potassium permanganate solution, put the dyed clothes into it, and after about 15 minutes, pick up the dark red clothes and rub them with water. Next, configure a small amount of low-concentration acetic acid solution, soak the clothes that have been immersed in potassium permanganate, and when it is changed from dark red to primary color (including dyeing), pick it up and wash it with water. The color removal effect of this method is very good, and will not damage the original color of the clothing.

5, washing powder and detergent cleaning method. Dissolve strong detergent and detergent in warm water at a ratio of 1:1, soak the dyed clothes, and wash them by hand for at least half an hour. If it is still not clean, add a small amount of washing powder to soak and wash. Note: This method uses the color fading of the clothing itself to reduce the color difference between the stained color blocks.