Knowledge Of Washing And Maintenance Of Sweaters

- Nov 30, 2018-

1. Before washing cashmere, the sweater manufacturer should soak the sweater with cold water for 20-30 minutes. The sweater factory reminds that the temperature of the washing sweater should be below 40 degrees Celsius. Do not soak the sweater in hot water. The sweater is reduced or the elasticity is reduced.

2. Because the cashmere fiber has poor alkali resistance, it should be washed with neutral detergent powder, preferably a special detergent. The neckline, cuffs and other dirt on the sweater should be coated with a higher concentration of detergent after soaking (note that you should not use the collar to remove the color of the sweater). The sweater is washed by squeezing, and the rest of the sweater is gently patted.

3, the time to wash the sweater should not be too long, in order to prevent the fibers in the sweater from biting each other to produce a fluff.

4, jacquard or multi-color sweater should not be soaked, sweater manufacturers recommend different colors of sweaters should not be washed together to prevent sweaters stain each other.

5, after washing the sweater, put a special softener for the sweater, the feel will be better.

6. After washing the sweater, fold the sweater into small squares, wrap it with a towel, dry it in the washing machine, and spread it flat on the table covered with towels. The pleated area is flattened by hand or lightly pressed with a clean, smooth glass bottle.

7, sweaters do not have to iron, do not hang on the sun, so as not to deform the sweater.

8. If the sweater is covered with coffee, juice or blood stains, don't be embarrassed, or send a professional sweater manufacturer to clean it.