Recovery Method Of Sweater Deformation

- Nov 30, 2018-

The deformation of the sweater is mainly caused by washing the sweater and not drying the water sufficiently. Some variants of the sweater can be restored, and some styles are difficult to recover. Mainly depends on the composition and yarn quality, processing quality to be specific. The deformation caused by the deformation of the sweater, wearing for a long time, drying, etc., the recovery method is as follows:


Sweaters will be more or more loose, and most of them will be caused by washing and hanging. If it is a sweater, it is easier to recover, because the sweater will shrink properly after washing. As long as you don't dry a lot of water again, you can.


First, put the deformed sweater into the water of 60-100C so that it slowly recovers its shape. Generally, it can recover a little. If the fiber is completely deformed, it may take 100C of water to restore the fiber. After recovery, put it in a bag and put it in the refrigerator. Then take out and dry to recover. This can effectively solve the problem of most sweater deformation.

Second, use a steam iron to help. At home, you can prepare a 100C steam iron, tiling, shrink the sweater, get Zou, and finish it.

Third, when you usually wear a sweater, in order to avoid the sweater getting more and more sun-dried, the longer the sun is, it is best to spread the sweater to the sun, or open the umbrella and directly on it. If you think that the flattening is not easy to dry, you can also use two search, three hangers, put the woolen hangers on the sun, and put the tail on the hanger.