What Are The Advantages Of Yarn

- Feb 21, 2019-

The tensile strength of the yarn is called strong. The load of the broken yarn is expressed by the elongation of the length of the yarn and the pile which are pulled off.

The strength of the yarn has a close relationship with the fastness of the fabric and the production efficiency. The strength is the basis of the strength of the fabric. Therefore, the full yarn and the high elongation of the wool are important indicators of quality. Since the strength directly affects the quality, It is required to have a proper extension, and the wool yarn and the wool thread are loosened and the strength is lowered. The strong stretch is too small, the strength is increased, and the yarn and the pile are stiff. The strength of the yarn and the wool yarn are different from the raw materials and processing degree, as well as the fiber arrangement. The quality of the raw materials is good, the fibers are arranged neatly, and the strength of the wool yarn is higher and the stretching performance is good. .