Spring O-neck Women Sweater

Sweater (machine or hand-knitted sweater, good warmth)
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Supply Type: OEM service

Feature: Anti-wrinkle, Breathable

Material: 55% acrylic/45% cotton

Technics: Flat Knitted

Season: Spring

Collar: O-Neck


1. We offer oem service to our customer.

2. We also provide customized size for our customer.

3. We can provide customization service with specific patterns or materials on the premise that we have the required template.

woemn sweater information

Pick common sense for women sweater:

1. Many sweaters are made of chemical fiber. Therefore, it is best to smell when purchasing. If there is no smell, you can buy it, otherwise it will hurt the skin.

2. It is very important that the elasticity of the sweater is good. When you buy it, pull the surface of the sweater and check to see how the elasticity is. The sweater with poor elasticity is easily deformed after washing.

3, must open the inside of the sweater to see the washing instructions, ask the shopping guide whether you need dry cleaning, can’t expose to the sun and other issues, so that you can take care of it later.

4, check all the yarn joints on the surface of the sweater to see if it is smooth, whether the knitting texture is consistent, the color of the yarn is not symmetrical, carefully selected after the selection will be assured.


Knitted sweater process:

1. Woven

The sweater has a large body, a back, two sleeves, a pullover of four pieces, and a cardigan of five pieces. The woven piece means that the pieces are woven on the machine. Woven sheets are generally classified into mobile phone woven sheets and motor woven sheets (computer flat knitting machines). The mobile phone is woven into a sweater by hand with a needle machine. Any flower can be woven, and the seam is not required, because the mobile phone can woven the whole shirt, including the necktie, the chest sticker and the bag.

2. Cutting bed

Refers to the woven piece cut into the desired shape according to the pattern. Most of the motor woven pieces need to be cut, most of the sweater cuts are cut by hand, and the net color cloth woven by the cylindrical machine can be cut with electricity. Cell phone weaving rarely needs to be cut, except for specific styles.

3. Humerus

Uses: Prevent the woven piece from being cut out, divided into three lines and four lines.

Be divided into 1, single layer tibia 2, double layer tibia.

A single layer of humerus (commonly known as a piece) is then sutured through a slit. The double humerus is the two layers of cloth together with the tibia, and after the tibia, there is no need to suture through the seam.

The mobile phone woven piece only needs the crepe opening, including the sleeve top yarn opening and the yarn opening.

4. Sewing plate

Refers to a sewing device. The main function is to stitch the shirt (including the front panel, the back panel, the sleeves, the neck stickers, the chest stickers, the bag and other accessories).

Basic method: 1. Scratch the edge: suture the straight line of the dead mouth 2. Blink: lock or suture the horizontal line of the raw mouth.

Type: basin, blue sea basin and Hengxing basin.

5. Clash

Use the hand needle to join the part where the machine can't be stitched. Three aspects: 1, tearing the yarn, repairing the mouth 2, picking 3, hitting

6. Washing water

Washing water plays a very important role in the sweater process, because the feel of the sweater is mostly controlled by the washing process.

7. Ironing

Sweater ironing is very different from other garments, because the sweater will shrink after washing, and the sweater needs to be fixed and fixed by ironing. The sweater needs to be steamed and specially made. Want board help. Procedure: Prepare two pieces of wood for hot sleeves steamed sleeves steam ironing

8. Rut

It refers to the hoe, required by the guest to be on the shirt. A. Bridge ----The two sides of the hoe are on the shirt. B. Fly or sling-----The top of the hoe is on the shirt

9. Check shirt

1 light photo 2 second light 3 check shirt

10. Make up

When the shirt is woven with enamel, such as leaking eyes, rotten holes, flower needles, or the like, it can be repaired afterwards by using a knitting needle or a hand needle. Even the damage caused by the spun yarn, such as a leak, the jumper , cramps, etc., can also be repaired in the patch.

1 make up the wash 2 make up the packaging.

11. Package

Folding shirt packaging packing


1. Low MOQ: we accept 20 pcs as MOQ in order to meet your promotional business.

2. OEM Accepted: We can produce any your design.

3. Good Service: We treat clients as friend.

4. Good Quality: We have strict quality control system .Good reputation in the market.

5. Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have big discount from forwarder (Long-term Contract).


Packing & Shipping:

Packaging -- 

1. Standard Exporting package

2. Original package or neutral package

3. According to customer's need

Shipping –


Mass cargo via air/sea cargo or ExpressDelivery time -- Usually 7 -14 days after received the deposit.

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