300d/50f Dope Dyed Viscose Rayon Yarn

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300d/50f dope dyed viscose rayon yarn 

The description of 300d/50f dope dyed viscose rayon yarn 

Viscose rayon filament yarn is suitable to product fabrics and embroidery thread.As it is a pure natural product, so the final products made from it can be comparable with natural silk, and the garments made from it is comfortable to wear an absorb sweat sex good. Because of it’s specificity, viscose rayon filament yarn received a favorable response for it’s high brightness in colors. Recently, many suppliers begin to use this yarn to produce knitting fabrics to make T-shirt, knitting shirts, gifts etc.


Material:  100% viscose

Color: white and dyed 

Spec: 300D/50F/60F

MOQ: 1000 KGS

Supply Type: OEM & ODM


The pictures of 300d/50f viscose rayon yarn 

300d/50f dope dyed viscose rayon yarn

300d/50f viscose rayon yarn

300d/60f dope dyed viscose rayon yarn

300d viscose rayon yarn

The package & shipping

Package: 1kg/cone or as customized.

Delivery: the stock, in 15 days after receiving the payment.


Q1.What discount can I get here
A : For large orders and long-term in-depth cooperation with customers, we offer some discounts
Q2. Can we add our logo to the product according to our actual needs?
A :Yes ,we can not only add your logo to your product. We are also able to customize new logos for you
Q3. Can you make products designed by me?
A: Yes, most importantly, you will send us drafts, pictures, let 's get a general idea of your core ideas,and constantly communicate to supplement and improve the details, our designers are capable of making you satisfied with the product.