Dyed 100 Bamboo Yarn For Knitting

Dyed Bamboo Yarn for Knitting Bamboo yarn has good air permeability, instantaneous water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing properties, and also has a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, in addition to mites, deodorization and anti-ultraviolet function. Mainly specification:...
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Dyed Bamboo Yarn for Knitting

Bamboo yarn has good air permeability, instantaneous water absorption, strong wear resistance

 and good dyeing properties, and also has a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, in addition to 

mites, deodorization and anti-ultraviolet function. Mainly specification: 10s, 16s, 21s, 30s, 32s ,40s 

single or double yarn. 


Hot sale 100% bamboo yarn 30s for socks   in good quality


Bamboo yarn


100% bamboo


ring spun


For knitting underwear, socks, working   gloves, towels and bed sheet, Weaving mops, blanket, carpets and other   fabrics.


Can make all the colors from color card


500kg per color per item


T/T, rrevocable L/C at sight

Price items



25kg/weaving bag,16 cones/weaving bag or 8 cones/weaving bag


Shanghai or any China port


Invoice,PL,B/C, CO… as requirments

Delivery date

30 days after confirming the order

Yarn name:bamboo spun yarn

Yarn ingredients:100% bamboo

Yarn counts:21S,30S, 32S,40S,21S/2,32S/2,40S/2

Products introduction

Bamboo fiber is a kind of cellulose fiber which is extracted from the natural growth of bamboo in the following cotton, hemp, wool, fifth natural silk fibers after. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, water absorption moment, strong wear resistance and good dyeing properties, but also has a natural antibacterial.

In addition to mites, antibacterial, deodorant and anti ultraviolet function.

Experts pointed out that the bamboo fiber is a real sense of natural environmental green fiber.

Because of the inherent characteristics of bamboo fiber textiles and complete copy of the bamboo fiber, and favored by customers, the demand of the products increased year by year.


Bamboo is grown without pesticides or herbicides. The plant has a natural defense when it is growing, an agent called

bamboo kun that wards off bacteria and fungus. Bamboo towels have that same anti-microbial and anti fungal effect, which keeps them cleaner with less washing.


Highly Absorbent

Bamboo fabric wicks away moisture more efficiently 6 times than cotton, making it ideal for towels.



Bamboo towels are estimated to be three times as durable as cottons towels of a similar quality. The money-saving advantage of stronger, longer-lasting bamboo towels means they will need to be replaced less often.



Towels that are 100 percent bamboo should be washed in cold water without bleach or fabric softener--another money-saving benefit. The low-heat setting on the dryer helps to keep them soft.



Bamboo fabric is known for being soft. When spun correctly, it can approach or exceed the softness of other fabric materials like cotton and silk. This makes bamboo fabric ideal for applications where it comes in contact with the skin, such as towels or clothes.


Wicking Properties

Bamboo fabric has excellent wicking properties; it is porous and naturally draws moisture from the skin so that it can evaporate in the open air. This breathability makes it an ideal fabric for summer weather, or for clothes that may see a lot of sweat or wet weather.


Environmental Benefit

Bamboo fabric is also considered to be an environmentally friendly fabric. Bamboo grows from one to four feet a day, faster than any other woody plant. A sustainable resource and a member of the grass family, bamboo flourishes in natural environments without irrigation. After being cut down to provide the fibers to make towels, a bamboo plant grows

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