Nylon Yarn FDY 100D/24F

Nylon Yarn FDY 100D/24F

Product name: High strength white nylon yarn fdy
Color: raw white
Usage: seamless underwear gloves clothes socks etc
Quality: AA Grade
Type: Polyamide 6 Yarn
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Product Details

Nylon yarn fdy 100D/24F

Quick information:

Nylon yarn fdy 100D/24F (Fully Drawn   Yarn)


100% Nylon


Semi-Dull; Full-Dull; Bright; Bright   trilobal


Weaving, circle Knitting, Socks,   covering, Seamless underwear, dyed yarn, etc.


8D~20D: 4.00kgs/cone, 99 cones/pallet;   40D~50D: 6.00kgs/cone, 63 cones/pallet; 70D~180D: 8.00kgs/cone, 63   cones/pallet; 20Pallets/20" container; 40Pallets/40" container


Spandex covered yarn, socks, fabric, warp   knitting, lace, water jet loom, etc.



Main Specification:

20D/7F; 20D/12F; 20D/24F;   30D/12F;30D/24F; 30D/35F; 40D/7F; 40D/12F; 40D/35F; 50D/24F; 50D/48F;   70D/24F; 70D/36F;70D/48F; 100D/24F;100D/36F; 100D/68F; 140D/24F; 140D/48F

OEM service:



FOB or CIF price

Nylon yarn fdy performance:

Nylon yarn has high mechanical strength, high softening point, heat resistance, low friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, self-lubricating property, shock absorption and sound absorbing property, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, alkali resistance and general solvent, and good electrical insulation. Also it’s self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, weather resistant, and poor dyeability. The disadvantage is that the water absorption is large, affecting the dimensional stability and electrical properties, and the fiber reinforcement can reduce the water absorption rate of the resin, so that it can work under high temperature and high humidity. Nylon yarn has a very good affinity with glass fiber. Commonly used in making combs, toothbrushes, clothes hooks, fan bones, net bag ropes, fruit packaging bags, etc. Also nylon yarn is non-toxic, but not in contact with acid and alkali for a long time.


Nylon yarn application:

In civilian use, it can be blended or purely spun into various medical and knitwear, uch as woven single stockings, stretch stockings and other wear-resistant nylon socks, nylon shawls, mosquito nets, nylon lace, stretch nylon outerwear, all kinds of nylon yarn or interwoven yarn products. Nylon staple fibers are mostly used to blend with wool or other chemical fiber wool products to make a variety of wear-resistant fabrics. In the industry, nylon yarn is widely used in webbing, cord, fishing line, strainer, sewing thread, industrial fabric, cable, conveyor belt, tent, fishing net, craft jewelry, hair ring and other industries. It is mainly used as a parachute and other military fabrics in national defense. As a raw material for weaving or knitting, nylon yarn filaments are widely used. However, nylon yarns are not suitable as materials for use under sunlight when they are poor in light fastness and light resistance.


Our Advantages of nylon yarn


(1) Quick reply: we must reply you within 24 hours.


(2) Responsible to realize customer's satisfication.


(3)Fast delivery: 10-15days for small order


(4) High support on free sample if we have stock.


(5) Think highly of after-sale feedback.


(6) We will make lap dip&1kg yarn cone for trial use before going on production to avoid color shading.



Q1: What's the term of payment?

A: Usually we accept T/T and irrevocable L/C at sight.


Q2: What's the delivery time?

A: The time of delivery is around 7-15days after order or deposit confirmed.


Q3: How to get a sample?

A: We provide some free samples for old customer, and charge a little fee for new customer, but we will return the sample charges if you placed the order!


Q4: How about the OEM service?

A: We provide OEM service.  It is fully depended on your request, and your logo also customized on the products!

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