600D/192F Polyester DTY Yarn

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600D/192F polyester DTY yarn SD

Polyester filament is a kind of fabric made of deformed fibers. The chemical fiber filament is made of spiral coil after one heating deformation, which has a high elastic stretch rate. It is called high elastic filament, and the products made are called high elastic fabric. Such as nylon or polypropylene elastic shirts and pants, elastic socks, elastic swimming suits, etc. The product can be pure woven, or interwoven with silk, cotton, viscose and other fibers. It can be made into elastic fabrics and various wrinkled fabrics. The fabrics made have unique style.

The description of 600D/192F polyester DTY yarn 

Material: 100% polyester

Packing: by cartons.

Color: raw white/black

Capacity: 400 tons/month

Use: mainly used for sewing thread,elastic tapes,weaving fabric.

lustre:round bright,trilobal bright,semi dull 



The pictures of polyester DTY yarn 600d

600D/192F polyester DTY yarn

600D polyester DTY yarn

polyester DTY yarn 600D              600D/192F polyester DRAWN TEXTURED yarn               semi-dull polyester DTY yarn             

white 600D/192F polyester DTY yarn


The package & shipping

Package: by cartons.

Delivery: the stock, in 15 days after receiving the payment.


1.Q:Do you offer samples?

A:We can offer free samples.Special customizd sample will be sent within 7 days.

2.Q:Your mininum moq?


3.Q:Can you pack the goods according to customers'request?

A:Yes,we can.

4. Q:Do you have a discount?

A:Please contact us,it depends on your ordered quality.We will give you more competitive price.


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