MVS Polyester Spun Yarn 30s/1

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MVS polyester spun yarn 30s/1

The description of MVS polyester spun yarn 30s/1

Vortex spinning yarn is a new spinning method which uses fixed swirl spinning tube to replace the high-speed rotating spinning cup. In a sense, eddy spinning is air spinning in a sense. The sliver is fed to the cotton roller and loosened into a single fiber by taker-in roller. By the action of air flow, the sliver is fed to the swirl tube at high speed from the cotton conveying pipe.

Material100% Polyester
ColorsRaw White,Black
Yarn Count21s/1,30s/1,40s/1,50s/1,60s/1 ring spun/mvs/siro compact
CertificateOEKO, ISO9001, SGS,Global Recycled Standard
FeatureAnti-Bacteria,Anti-Pilling,Energy conservation,Eco-friendly
Payment TermT/T

The pictures of MVS polyester spun yarn 

MVS polyester spun yarn 30s/1

MVS polyester spun yarn

polyester MVS yarn 30s/1

DETAILS OF MVS polyester spun yarn 30s/1

The package & shipping

Package: by woven bag.

Delivery: the stock, in 15 days after receiving the payment.


About MVS yarn

1. The hairiness of yarn is very little, which is 12%-15% less than that of ring spinning and compact ring spinning.

It has excellent anti-pilling performance, moisture absorption and rapid dehumidification performance.

3. The output of downstream processes such as weaving process is increased, and the spinning speed is 14 times higher than that of conventional ring spinning. In addition, the yarn strength is lower than that of ring spinning yarn, and the fabric feels rough and hard. But the feel of MVS yarn is softer than that of MTS jet yarn.

In the quality characteristics of vortex spinning yarn, besides yarn strength and elongation are lower than ring spinning yarn, other quality indexes such as hairiness and pilling rate are even better than ring spinning yarn, and some of them are even better than compact yarn. Therefore, eddy current spinning has the advantages of high speed, good quality and short process flow.



Q1: Can we get the sample for reference? 
A: Samples can be sent to you to check the quality and color, but you should pay for the postage. The charge can be returned when there is a firm order. 
Q2: May I get a cheaper price? 
A: A cheaper price will be given if there is a large quantity you need. 
Q3: What is our advantage? 
A: We have our own quality control/service team to follow buyer's order, we can control the committed delivery and our price is competitive. 
Q4. How to place order ?
If you want to produce your design ,show us the samples ,then we would make sample and confirm with you before we produce ; if you choose our design,we would produce for your according to your demand.