Polyester DTY Yarn For Knitting Weaving

polyester DTY yarn characteristics: Good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and elasticity is not affected by humidity.
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Polyester DTY Yarn for Knitting Weaving

Product Description

DTY Yarn characteristics: 
1. Good durability, dimensional stability and good elasticity, and elasticity is not affected by humidity. 
2.The products made of PBT fiber are soft. Good moisture absorption, wear resistance and fiber curl. 
3. Tensile elasticity and compression elasticity are excellent, and the elastic recovery rate is better than that     of polyester. 
4. It has good dyeing performance.
5. It has good chemical resistance, light fastness and heat resistance.

Product Name:Polyester Textured High Elasticity PBT Yarn                                                                   
Color:Raw White
Characteristics:Eco-Friendly, good elasticity, good dyeing performance,other
Luster: sd
Usage:Sportswear,Underwear,Outerwear,Car interior textiles




Company Profile

Xiamen top stones import& export Co., Ltd. was founded in year 1997,which is a large textile enterprise.Factory is located in Xiamen ,Fujian province. 
Our company equiped 60 sets advanced machines,most are Barmag. we have more than 100 employees. At present, 
Company's main business scope: polyester filament production and sales; (Polyester DTY and FDY polyester yarn)


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