Polyester Interlacing DTY Yarn

Polyester interlaced DTY Yarn Different specification of polyester interlaced yarn for knitting
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Polyester interlacing DTY Yarn

Polyester yarn specifications
Super bright trilobal/round yarn
50D/24F-36F、75D/36F-144F、100D/48F、150D/48F-144F-288F、 200D/96F-288F、250D/96F-144F、300D/96F-144F-288F-576F、450D/144F、600D/192F、800D/288F
High elastic filament
20D/24F、30D/12F、50D/24F-48F、75D/36F-72F、75D/72F×2、 100D/72F、150D/48F-72F-144F、300D/96F、600D/192F 900D/288F、1200D/288F
Low elastic filament
20D/24F、30D/12F-24F、50D/24F-36F-48F-72F、 75D/36F-72F-144F、100D/36F-48F-72F-96F-144F、 124D/48F-72F、150D/48F-96F-144F-288F、200D/96F-144F 300D/96F-144F-576F、450D/148F、500D/192F、600D/144F-192F 800D/192F 1200D/288F
Full dull low elastic filament
Low elastic bleach white yarn
Low elastic black yarn
30D/24F、50D/24F-36F-48F、75D/36F-72F、95D/48F 100D/36F-48F-144F、125D/72F、150D/36F-48F-96F-144F、 300D/96F
Cation low stretch yarn
50D/36F-72F、75D/36F-48F-72F、100D/48F 150D/48F-144F-288F、200D/72F-96F、300D/96F-192F
Semi dull FDY filament(raw white、black)
30D/24F、40D/24F、50D/24F、75D/36F-72F、100D/72F、100D/72F 108D/72F、120D/96F、150D/36F-96F-144F、190D/48F、200D/96F 300D/96F、400D/192F、450D/96F
Super bright FDY filament(profiled/round/black/white)
30D/24F、50D/24F-36F、68D/24F-36F、75D/24F-36F-72F、 100D/36F-48F、150D/48F-96F-144F、190D/96F、200D/83F、 250D/96F、300D/96F、355D/96F
Cation FDY filament
50D/24F、68D/24F、75D/48F、100D/50F、150D/96F-192F、 200D/96F、225D/96F、250D/96F、300D/96F、450D/192F
Cation DTY/semi dull DTY multi yarn
50D/72F、75D/72F、80D/84F、80D/144F、100D/144F、125D/120F 150D/96F、150D/144F、300D/576F

Thats our regualar yarn specification, any other colors and diameter can be customized.

Polyester interlacing yarn need another process, we can custom it according to your request, 

such as 20 points per meter, 30 points per meter, 50 points per meter.

If you need polyester interlacing yarn OEM service, please contact us.

Email: bryant@xmtopstones.com.cn

Whatsapp: +86 15880860381


Polyester interlaced yarn photo for your reference.

Black polyester interlacing yarn

Raw white polyester interlacing yarn

Dope dyed color polyester interlacing yarn

About us

As a professional technology enterprise, Xiamen Topstones Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is devoted to the development and selling of blended filaments, polyester special specs and differential fibers. Covering four thousand square meters, we located in the "One Belt and One Road" of the Central District of Fujian, China.

Focusing on technology innovation, the plant has a experienced R&D team, national and provincial senior engineers to give professional suggestions, and produce various blended/functional fibers for our clients. 

The plant takes advantage of our professional experiences to established a supply chain for development and production. The products have been passed by the authorities, well received by our clients at home and abroad.

The domestic plant and export office made a group to provide high valuable raw materials for some well-known fabirc makers all over the world. 

The plant takes the idea of “Creativity, Superiority, Speciality” to creat a new fiber field; imported 10 sets of DTY interlacing yarn machine and 5 sets of R&D equipment from France to provide superior products and give free consulting service; applied for 19 utility model patents and 3 invention patents (5 patents have been approved); been awarded “State High-tech Enterprise”supported by government.

We believe we can produce best polyester interlaced yarn accroding to your need.

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