Polyester Spun Yarn 32/1

polyester spun yarn 21s/1, 32s/1 for knitting
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polyester spun yarn 32/1

We structured the brand new yarn factory in 2010′s year-end, polyester yarn (“s” twist, used for sewing thread) is our main products, the specifications of 21s 32s 40s 50s 60s 80s is on sale, all of our polyester spun yarn made of 1.33D*38mm staple fiber, the material is invariable and the fiber matching is stable all the time.


So our manufactory annual supply the raw white 100% polyester spun yarn and thread, and the packs which transfer to our customers would be accurate weighted at net 25kg by woven bag safely.


Material100% Polyester
PatternRaw white, Dyed
UseSewing, knitting
Yarn TypeSpun
FeatureEco-Friendly, High Tenacity, Bright/Virgin
TechnicsTFO or Ring Spun, Ring Spun or TFO
Yarn Count21S,30S,32S,40S,50S,60S
Place of OriginJiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number20S/2/3/6,30S/2/3,40S/2/3, 50S/2/3,60S/2/3
Material100% Spun Polyester Staple Fiber
StrengthHigh strength
Weight per cone1000kg
LabelCustomer Logo on label,box

If you need Polyester spun yarn custom service, please let me know.

Email: bryant@xmtopstones.com.cn

Wechat / Whatsapp: +86 15880860381


Yarn count/Tex Usage 
20S/2   (29.5*2)Jeans, shoes, caps, leather bag, products, etc.
20s/3   (29.5*3)Jeans, shoes, handbags,sofa,leather products, Baby carriage,etc.
30S/2   (19.7*2)Art crafts, handbags, protective suits,trousers, etc.
30S/3   (19.7*3)Jeans, tents, leather  ,bags, shoes, trousers,etc.
40S/2   (14.8*2)Trousers, coats, suits, shirts,knitwear,etc.
40S/3   (14.8*3)Protective suits, art crafts, shoes,etc.
50S/2   (11.8*2)Knitting garments, suit-dress, underwear, etc.
60S/2   (9.8*2)Ultrathin fabrics, underwear, suit-dress,light fabric stiched,etc.
60S/3   (9.8*3)Coats, suits, trousers, bed sheets quilts, blankets, etc.


Product Technical Data

100% Polyester Sewing Thread20s/260505.8249~622200S/Z

Packaging & Delivery
  • Packaging Details

  • 15 cones per woven package, 25KG/bag (net weight). 
    144 pieces per carton, 15KG/carton, 
    customized is available.

  • Port

  • Shanghai, Ningbo Port

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Spun Polyester Yarn 32s

Polyester Spun Yarn 32s

Our Polyester Spun Yarn Factory

Polyester Spun Yarn

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