Sea Island Microfiber DTY 105D/36F Yarn

Sea Island Microfiber DTY 105D/36F Yarn

Yarn Description Item: Sea Island Microfiber DTY 105D/36F Yarn Material: 100% Polyester Yarn Type: DTY 105D/36F Yarn Feature: Eco-Friendly,High Tenacity,Anti-Pilling Yarn Use : Embroidery,Weaving,Knitting,Sewing And so on Direction Of Twist: Z, S Linear Density Deviation Rate: ±2.5% Breaking...
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Product Details

Yarn Description

Item: Sea Island Microfiber DTY 105D/36F Yarn

Material: 100% Polyester 

Yarn Type: DTY  105D/36F

Yarn Feature: Eco-Friendly,High Tenacity,Anti-Pilling 

Yarn Use: Embroidery,Weaving,Knitting,Sewing And so on 

Direction Of Twist:  Z, S 

Linear Density Deviation Rate: ±2.5% 

Breaking Strength: ≥3.2Cn/dtex 

Elongation At Break: M%±3% 

Boiling Water Shrinkage: M%±0.5% 

Crimp Stability: ≥78% 

Bobbin Weight: Permanent Weight 

Crimp Shrinkage: M%±3% 

Uniformity Of Color: ≥4 

Oil Ratio: M±1.2 

Degree Of Network: M±10 

Deviation Coefficient Of Tenacity: ≤6% 

sea island yarn

Sea island microfiber yarn

Sea island 105D yarn

Product features:

Scientific name "sea island type microfiber".
It is a kind of polymer dispersed in another kind of polymer, in the fiber cross section of the dispersed phase is "island" state, and the matrix is equivalent to "sea".
Finally, the monofilament microfibers with diameter of less than 3.0 microns were obtained by dissolving the island components after finishing the fabric.
Island superfine fiber usually state and high shrinkage fiber composite processing network into different shrinkage of composite fiber, because of the difference of the two kinds of material shrinkage is larger, after finishing process, the fabric with ivy multi-level structure, floating on the surface of the fabric, the filament its fine hair like ivy entangled with each other, give fabric is super soft and fine and smooth feel.
High shrinkage fibers become core fibers after contraction, and their greater strength and stiffness give the fabric super drape performance.

A, unique style

B, excellent comfort

C, remarkable waterproof and breathable property

D) strong decontamination ability


Through the design and processing of the fabric, the extremely fine fiber characteristics of the island fiber can be obtained a lot of special fabric styles, such as imitation cashmere, imitation suede, MOSS, ultra-high density fabric and so on.
This kind of fabric can be widely used in clothing, clothing field, luggage, indoor supplies and industrial fields.
Many properties of synthetic suede fabrics developed by using island fibers are as good as natural suede and even better than natural suede.
Its fabric feels soft, drape sex is good, quality is flimsy, it is dermal half, can weave the fabric of different thickness and weight;
Can carry on all sorts of surface treatment, obtain all sorts of surface effect.
The surface has the writing effect, the three-dimensional feeling is good;
Moisture and heat shrinkage deformation is small, with good permeability, waterproof and steam permeable effect, fabric strength is high, far better than natural suede.
The high density fabric can be woven into the fabric with higher density and higher water pressure.
Although density of this kind of fabric is very high, but because fiber is extremely fine, quality of a material is lightsome, drape sex is good, colour and lustre is downy feel is soft and plump, appearance yong hua is sweet, can maintain at the same time quite permeable sex and permeable sex, wear very comfortable.


Q1: Can you provide free sample?
A: Yes,we can offer you free sample,but you need to pay for the postage fee.  
Q2: Do you accept a small order?                                  
A: Yes,we do. we can arrange special for you,price depends on quantity of your order.
Q3: Color of yarn?                                                                    
A: All the fabric make to order according to your requirement.
Q4: Minimum order quantity (MOQ)?            

2.sepcial order: Can be discussed

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